Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Changing of Blog

So I"m trying to figure out why I can't have a COMMENT option anymore....I thought it was b/c of the background I recently downloaded, but since I changed it to a blogger background it didn't work....hhhmmm

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shopping Traditions

Yes, it can be a tradition. I hit the Crate and Barrel "Day after Christmas" sale every year! The store usually opens around 9am. I get in line around 7:15am. I am definitly in the first wave - top 20 people. The line is usually 250 deep by 9am. There is a bouncer at the door counting all the people in. I scope out what I will purchase on the 23rd or 24th. I make a game plan.

Every other year, my good friend, Sara, joins me. The "other year" she is in CA with her family for the holidays. We usually get a hubby to be our space holder in line while we hit other shops, make a trip to car to unload and meet back around 8:30 or so, just in case the doors open early. Its funny b/c I'm starting to see the same people every year! hilarious!

This year the goal was for REINDEER! We really wanted these reindeer and our friend (who couldn't be there) wanted these reindeer as well. That was the job of Sara's DH - get the reindeer! I knew what I wanted since I had scoped it all out. I was in and out of there in less than 20min. It was a mad dash by all!

The funniest thing is, there is ALWAYS a "wanna be line jumper". But SERIOUSLY, who is going to TRY and jump the line when there are about 50 women who have been waiting for 2 hours! um no!!! Plus they have to get through the bouncer too....There were these woman in front of us saying "Don't let the woman in green in - pass it on" I tell you its hilarious!

We also got our friend, Ellen, to join us. She's an amateur. We lost her right away and she was in the store about 30-45 minutes after we had left. She couldn't make the game time decisions like we had. Not sure if she will make the cut to join us next year! (j/k Ellen - we love you!)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Update

The boys really got into the whole Santa thing this year. We made cookies for Santa and even threw out reindeer food (aka breadcrumbs). Christmas morning, Anderson runs outside and sees sled tracks. Not sure where he saw them, but he convinced himself that they were sled tracks! He thought very hard and long about where the correct place was to put the cookies we made for Santa. At first he wanted to leave them on the front porch, since we don't have a "real" chimney (gas logs) and that way Santa could smell the cookies, and then there was the roof idea, but that didn't work well b/c well, my pretty plate would of broken. So we settled on a small table next to the sofa.

Santa ate his cookies, but left 1/2 a cookie on the plate. Anderson didn't want to eat any b/c he didn't want any Santa germs from his beard! hilarious!

Of course the boys made out like bandits...mostly from family and friends. We decided when Anderson was first born that there was no need for us to over indulge our children on Christmas, everyone else did it for us!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve & Sushi

What a great combo don't you think? This is our 2nd year in a row that we have done this, so I think that makes it a tradition right? We eat at a sushi restaurant for dinner on Christmas Eve. I think we are setting a tradition....

Update on Santa

Went to the mall at 10am. I really wanted to be there before 9:30, but Anderson slept in til 9:15! woohoo! We got there and it was a 2hr wait! Sorry Santa...we'll see you at midnight...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa in Demand!

Well this is the 2nd day we have struck out to see Santa at the mall. Last night DH had the kids out shopping (fun presents for mommy), waited in line for 25min and then was rejected. "union" Santa had to be off the clock by 9pm. The part of the story he might not tell you is that at the beginning of the que that had a sign that said that, sorry no more people. He had the boys go under the rope, stand in line for 25min and be rejected. Good thing they didn't cry or take it hard.

Tonight, we headed back to mall. We decided to eat dinner (courtesy of the food court) and while we ate, DH stood in line. About an hour later, he had moved 4 spots up. What! And there were about 70 more families to go! That is ridiculous. So we bailed on Santa. I have high hopes for one more try tomorrow. Santa arrives at 10am. Not sure what time I will make it out the door.....

Maybe we will spot Santa tomorrow.

p.s. this is the first year I have ever taken my kids to get their pics with Santa. Now I know I need to do it earlier.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Disney Brainwashed

I am now super convinced that we have been to Disney too much (is that actually possible that you can be there too much? - NO WAY!) In case you aren't familiar with our family, we are simply put, FREAKS about Disney! We love to go!

All that to say, the other day we went to our town's Christmas parade. My boys kept asking when we were going to see Buzz Lightyear and Chip and Dale! I think we have seen our share of Disney parades.

We had been at the parade for about 1 hour and it was only 1/3 of the way over! Apparently, ANYONE can join the parade. You had your usual high school and middle school bands. But there were realtors,insurance companies, an orthodontist, and other random groups. I think next year I'm going to enter a float and call it "Just because"! that might be fun!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Anderson's party went off and running at full speed!

Here is a picture of his soccer ball cake I made. Of course it had to be blue! Its his favorite color!

The newest thing with Parker is that he likes to get out of bed after we put him in it. We have tried to threaten him with various punishments, but nothing is working. Lately, we have found him asleep on the floor right inside the doorway. One night, I did find him laying on the floor in the hall!

Some have been asking when we are moving....well I haven't even packed a single box! Today I went looking for carpet. I was soooo overwhelmed I decided not to care. Do I really care whether the padding is a 6 pd or 8 pd or a certain width? NO!!! I don't care! All I care is the final number! Its sooo boring. What blew me away is how much it costs to have new carpet. And I am only wanting to carpet 2 bedrooms and the playroom/bonus room!!!!

Ugh...the agony of moving!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Craziest Week of the Year!

This past week is the busiest week of the year for me (for the past 3 years).

On Tuesday I organized a Christmas Brunch for our MOPS group at church - 100 ladies

Tonight, Friday, I organized our Sunday School classes annual Christmas Party, 100 adults, 60 children. CHAOS!

And tomorrow is Anderson's birthday party - a bunch of screaming children!

I'm tired!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Anderson!

I can't believe little boy is turning 5 tomorrow! Again, I would like time to stand still! PLEASE!!!!

So tonight we had family birthday party. Our close friends Tim & Heather join us for family party. This is also the time we open all his presents. His birthday party is this weekend and we have a "no presents" party. So we do all the presents with the family.

DH thought it would be fun to smash the boys face into the cake...they loved it! Well Anderson did, Parker didn't. Good thing PoPo didn't make the cake....

Friday, December 5, 2008

Panic Time

Its been almost a month since anyone has come to see my house (our house is STILL ON THE MARKET!). I got the call tonight that people are coming to see my house tomorrow morning! ugh! and DH is not available to help me, he is gone for the weekend. Ah! And not to mention my house is trashed! ah! So I'm off to bed to try and get stuff done early in the morning. Of course my house isn't clean, not even close. Its trashed! So much to do.... need to sleep...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

So my SIL and I go out every year the day after thanksgiving, aka BLACK FRIDAY. We run through all the ads the day of Thanksgiving and make a game plan for Friday. Its very important that we know what we are going to buy. We make a list and check it twice. This year, we only had to stand in line for 20 minutes max. Granted we did abandon ship at Target. There were several people in line. The line wrapped around the store 2x! It was crazy....our theory is that we got there close to 7am so all the people in line were there for the 6am doorbuster deals.

We hit, Macy's, Target, Sears (which we thought was a Kmart), Family Christian, Home Depot, JoAnns, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Pier 1. We did a drive by at ABC Wharehouse and there were over 100 people in line OUTSIDE of the store, so we didn't even get out. Too cold and nothing is worth it to me!

Had a nap, and I could go for another one! :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Let me set the record by saying this is not a regular occurence. Its was a "special treat" (as we told Anderson). Anderson's favorite thing about Thanksgiving is Pumpkin Pie! He was sooo excited that we had it for dessert. As you can see, DH decided to teach our kids how to have some great little snacks from the can! Parker had so much fun...he kept saying "Again, Again!" Anderson heard us laughing in the kitchen and ran in the kitchen to see what was soooo funny! Of course, he had to take part in all the fun.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Anderson had sooo much fun today in the snow! He had a blast! He and my MIL played for hours. They built snowmans, snowballs and belly surfed. Parker didn't last more than 30 seconds!
After Parker went inside he just sat at the window and watched. I know he loved that more! MIL, DH and Anderson would throw snowballs at the window, and then Parker would flinch. It was hilarious! He enjoyed it though....

Monday, November 24, 2008

Snow Day!

the boys had so much fun in the snow...well Anderson had fun. Parker HATED IT! He kept saying "Don't like it! Don't like it!" He is definitely my child. I went to Walmart yesterday to gather some snow gear for the boys and spent $50, on SNOW BOOTS, MITTENS, AND BIBS!!! $50!!! Crazy! I am hoping we get a deluge of snow at home this winter so I get my money worth out of the gear. who knew how expensive this stuff is!

However, after i saw the excitement on Anderson's face when we was playing in it, did help soften the blow of the $$$ paid on those snow boots! :) All last winter the poor kid would pray every night for snow. We just don't get snow in the winter....sometimes we may get some, but most winters, we just don't get it. So we are here in MI for Thanksgiving, and Anderson just can't get enough of it.

there was an inch that accumulated on the back deck of my BIL's house, so Anderson was all in it today! so cute!

What is going on????

Here I am with my BIL & SIL last night. We are all so nerdy! Well at least I am ! BIL & SIL are cool!
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Saturday, November 22, 2008

First Snow for Parker

We left for Michigan this morning at 4am....ugh! I just got up from my slumber and back sleep in the car. We ate breakfast at the Beckley (W.VA) rest stop, called Tamarack. My friend Aimee has told me that its supposed to be a great place to eat. There is a little eatery with yummy chefs that are training to work at the 5 star resort, Greenbrier. And the boys went in their jammies! I had fried green tomatoes! it was soo good!

There was some snow on the ground and Anderson was beside himself! He was sooo excited! This was Parker's first time seeing the dreaded white stuff. After he touched it, he didn't want anything to do with it! He is definitely my child.

We made it to Michigan and when we arrived, the thermometer read somewhere in the low 20s! BBBRRRRR.... The boys were so excited to see MIL and FIL. Anderson couldn't get his seatbuckle undone fast enough! They are so great!

Friday, November 21, 2008

We are Moving!!!

Oh yes! Finally, after countless emails and phone calls by my realtor and the seller's realtor (to the foreclosure bank) and after extension after extension by our mortgage lender we are closed! woohoo! And more importantly, the POD/RATPACK is being unloaded today! I'm so excited. It will be like Christmas. Good thing, since those will be my "Christmas presents", since we will be paying 2 mortgages.... fun times

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's cold outside

Which means that its time for those warm wintery pajamies! We saw a few flurries out there yesterday, but it was for all of 2 seconds. Just enough for me!

We are headed to Michigan for Thanksgiving...I hear there is snow there! My boys will be so excited, but me...I could do without the snow! Its the frozen tundra of the U.S or at least the midwest!

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Singing in the Shower

If you sing in the shower at home, no problem, you are in the privacy of your home. If you want to sing in the shower at the gym, okay I guess...a little awkward, but whatever... Anderson decided to sing in the shower at the gym.

DH took Anderson to the gym tonight for some swimming. Anderson gets his own shower, and tonight at the top of his lungs he decided to serenade everyone at the gym. He sang "The wiseman built his house on the rock..." Oh yes and all the verses to go with it! I guess he was a little witness at the Lifetime Fitness showers!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


We are one step, one signature away from owning a new home! Its back to our original house we "almost" had back in August! We were supposed to get it, than backed out (too much stuff to fix). The next buyer was all set to close and then lost all her down payment to the stock market (that fateful 800 point day). We were the next phone call they made and so we put in a new bid/offer. $70k less than our original one. That was oh maybe 1.5months ago? It is now a week away from going to auction on the courthouse steps for foreclosure.

We finally heard back today at 4pm. crazy! And b/c of new rules our bank gave us the deadline of TODAY to close, in order for us to lock in our rate from a few months ago. So my DH was on the phone for the rest of the hour and got all the paperwork needed and got all that they needed. We are paying a little extra to meet the appraiser dude out at the house tomorrow and we think we are closing on MONDAY! That's right folks, MONDAY! as in 72 hours from now!

I'm still holding my breath and waiting to be excited about it, until I sign my name on the dotted line. There is still room for the whole thing to blow up in our face!

Will keep you posted! If this all goes through the economy will tank even worse, folks...I'm not allowed to go, even step foot into the mall while I am paying 2 mortgages. I might have to unplug my internet to avoid the temptation of internet shopping...well, let's not be too hasty...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another crazy day at the Zoo

Well my friends and I decided to head to the zoo again! The last time we tried to do this, it was fun and crazy! This time, there were only 4 mommies and 7 kiddies. We had a great time, except for the fact that my kids decided to be whiny and crying the entire time! It was miserable. I was ready to go home before we walked into the zoo entrance. Parker wanted me to carry him most of the morning, and by lunch time I was done! The trail is almost 5 miles long, so we only made it a third through!

The funniest thing we encountered was this "Grouchy Librarian" (this is what we all nicknamed her). We were looking at the Elk & Bison and the kids were being, well kids. Loud and obnoxious and running a muck. At one point Philip (a friend's boy) was pounding on the sign that told you what animal you were looking at. Okay, he just turned 1, so let's be a little lenient on him. So, G.L said in a very grumpily voice "whose kid is making all that noise, they need to stop!"...what? really? A few minutes later we heard the Elk Trumpet and that was really cool. If you are 4, and you hear the Elk trumpet, what do you do? Of course you mimic! G.L decided to hate that! The elk started moving and the kids were all like "where is it going", G.L said, "Its leaving b/c you kids are making too much noise" - WHAT! Did we suddenly step into the library and I not know it? And then my friend Aimee is talking to her 2 year old about the buffalo, well G.L is walking out of the area and mubbles "Its not a buffalo its a bison, get it right!" Really? I wanted to chase her down and get her picture, b/c she so deserved to be preserved in cyberspace! We were all dying! Its the zoo! It was hard to stop the kids and we really wanted to provoke more than anything. At one point, Olivia was trying to climb on this view finder with Anderson and I thought she was going to push the G.L out of the way, that would of been awesome!

Here are some fun pics of the day. We almost made it halfway around the zoo....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Home from Afghanistan!

Today our dear friends came over from Seattle. One of their sons, Andy, is in the marines and is based out of NC. He came home today after a 9month tour in Afghanistan. We had the wonderful privilege of getting to go out to the base, and meet him when he got off his plane. In fact, Andy even flew the plane in! It was a small group of them that came home, 7, so it was a much more casual homecoming. There was a table with refreshments and a sign and their were signs that the kids could hold and they let them run around the hanger. And the boys ran all over the runway too.

The boys had great fun looking at all the planes taking off and landing, and they could hardly contain themselves while we waited. One of the funniest things, is that everytime Parker saw a plane he would say: "Daddy, plane?". Poor kid, he thought that DH was going to come off the plane (that would of been funny since they are all military. DH was in MN for the day). With it being a smaller group the boys also had the awesome opportunity to get in the cockpit of the plane and explore for a bit. What a great time they had! And of course my dad snapped a bazillion pics too!

I know that this will be so special. We are so thankful for our dear friend Andy who is serving our country. It is because of him, and others like him that we are able to have the freedom to vote and worship our GOD!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween/Friday

My boys had sooo much fun on Friday! I have lots of pics that I will post later. I'm typing from my new PINK laptop, and need to still transfer all my files over. Still too lazy to do that right now and trying to work out all the kinks....

However, I think Anderson had the most fun on Friday. I picked him up at school and apparently he decided to stick a bead up his nose! oh yes, I have one of THOSE kids! what is that all about? A bead? c'mon! At least it didn't get up far enough where he had to be brought to the hospital/dr. he could just blow it out. but still gross! When I got there, I was given a necklace he made out of beads. I really hope one of them was not the beaded culprit! And if the beads weren't enough.... during circle time Anderson started complaining about having pain in "man land". So the teacher sent him the bathroom to make sure everything was okay. When he got to the bathroom, he started screaming! The teacher ran in there and right there on "man land" was an ant! yep and not only was it there, but it was biting him! poor guy... When I picked him up, he was fine, didn't even tell me anything. Funny kid, he is 4 but already acting like a 16 year old boy....

More pics from Halloween to follow...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I "heart" Halloween

That's right folks! I love Halloween. I'm kinda a freak about it! After Christmas, its my fave! I love to decorate for it! Unfortunately, this year, all my things are in the POD, the dang POD! Where everything is, but that's for another blog....

All that being said, my kids have halloween shirts, and they start wearing them in September. This week, they will be wearing a different shirt everyday...Here is from Day 1

Monday, October 27, 2008

State Fair Fun

Who doesn't love the State Fair?

The smell of poop, the nasty germs and disease you can pick up? Rides that cost at least $1 a minute. Ohyes! The State Fair!???

We haven't been in 2 years, so Anderson was very excited to be revisiting the fair. Thank goodness Parker was contained in his stroller, b/c I could just see him, running into the animal stalls and wanting to touch all the animals, especially the ones that would kick or bite back!

It is a must to do the Ferris Wheel, so much fun for $12...Disney is looking cheaper every minute...

My favorite thing to do is eat the deep fried yummies at the fair. Deep fried anything! The boys and I ate popcorn, funnel cake and delish DEEP FRIED CANDY BAR - milky way! A big thanks to Uncle Tim who gave the boys some $$ to purchase some deep fried treats!
Here is a picture of the boys eating the deep fried goodness.

When we left the boys were stuffed with fat and "sticker-fied". They had been stuck by causes and advertisements. My favorite is "I (heart) my DVR". My boys definitely love their DVR!