Monday, April 28, 2008

GEE Thanks Jenna!...(note sarcasm)

My dear Jenna has "tagged" me to write down 3 unusual facts or things about me. I am not a fan of these "chain letter" things, but since I have known Jenna for over 10 years, and since she is a fan of my blog, I feel the need to do her the favor in return! I'm just lazy that's why I don't like to do these. Just b/c I don't want to sit down and think of what to say etc etc. The tagging assignment is to write down 3 odd facts about me. But since this is a common ice breaker at church settings, here are the things I always say about me. I will be tagging out friends! :)

1. I have a "tooth brushing" phobia. I don't like to watch people brush their teeth and I struggle brushing my boys' teeth. I can't even watch people on TV brushing their teeth. ugh! It makes me gag and nearly throw up! I can't handle it! My friends will harrass me and brush their teeth in front of me! Such great friends. One of my college roommates even left a message on our answering machine with her brushing her teeth on it! Awful! I have no problems or issues with doing my own teeth, its just watching others. I can't handle all the foam and when people talk to me while they are brushing that just pushes me over the edge! yuck!

2. One of my top 3 things I want to do in my life (my bucket list) is to shoot a deer. I don't want to gut it or anything, just shoot it and then make a coat of its hide, like Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman! Although my friend told me that I had to kill a lot of deer to get a coat. Maybe just a purse then?

3. I HATE SAND! It freaks me out! I can't stand it on my feet and I can't stand the feel of it. Yes, I grew up in South Florida on the coast, 5 min away from the beach. And I despise the beach. Of course my DH loves loves the beach and my sons love it too! AAAHHH!! When we do go to the beach and I feel sand on my feet inside our condo or hotel room, I go bonkers. Last summer we were at a Marriott and when I walked back into our room one afternoon there was sand all inside the entrance way. I looked down the hall and saw a cleaning cart. I proceeded to "borrow" the vacuum and clean up all the sand! I can't handle it. I make Anderson wash all the beach toys at least 10x before we bring them back into our living space and NO SHOES OR TOYS are aloud inside either. My husband says I need help...maybe????

So there you have it, my 3 odd facts about me. I'm sure I have more, but these are the ones that come to mind right away...

Well, I will tag Keila for sure! And Lorena, even though she just had a baby on Sunday (congrats Lorena!), I think she will have PLENTY of time to do this! hee hee.....

Sunday, April 27, 2008


We have some AWESOME FRIENDS! T&H came out this morning to watch Anderson play soccer. That was so nice of them. The have no kids and they got up early to watch Anderson play. That rocks! Here is a pic of Aunt H with Parker at soccer.

We had huge improvements this week with soccer. Anderson was quite proud of himself that he didn't cry, whine or put his hands down his pants! That is HUGE progress! Although 15minutes into it, he was ready to go home.
He kept telling me he was tired, or sleepy and ready to go home. Funny guy! Can you tell he is ready to go home! There is a smile and he packed up my chair. (which I got at Costco, one of my top 3 places to shop!)

Saturday, April 26, 2008


So I am one of THOSE people who LOVE TV! Especially when DH is out of town it makes for a nice end of the day thing for me.

This past Thursday was especially exciting - GREY'S ANATOMY IS BACK! Woohoo! Yes, I am addicted to it. And I feel like I need to say that Grey's Anatomy is what is holding my friendship together with Keila! :) Each Thursday night or Friday we exchange emails to "recap" what we thought of that night's episode. Summer times are hard for us and that crazy writer's strike really kept us apart! yikes! I'm so glad Grey's is back. Its my useless mindless addiction. Who doesn't like to watch Patrick Dempsey for 60minutes! So wonderful....aaahhh I can't wait for his new movie to come out.

During this strike we have gotten addicted to 'HOUSE'. Love that show. I am 1 DVD away from finishing Season 2. The only bad thing about getting hooked on this show is the fact that everytime I feel something wrong with me, I think I have some rare disease and that I need to find Dr. House. Whenever I hear that someone is sick, I always think of what would Dr. House do! that is when I know I need a break from HOUSE. I need a break....

Friday, April 25, 2008

Ramblings from today

some pictures from today...

This is my favorite time of year for my roses! Everything looks so nice and green and the blooms are gorgeous. No bugs are here and its not hot and the disease is not rampant. Here is one of my favorite roses... "Abraham Darby" Its a David Austin Rose and it smells soooo good!

Yesterday we made a trip to the local garden center and got lots of flowers for my window and several pots for the front porch. I also picked up 2 sunflowers for each of the boys. This isboxes Anderson next to his sunflower. He helped me pick out the place to put it and water it everyday.

Today we stopped by Aunt H & Uncle T's house. I needed to drop off a box on their porch while they were at work. As I was pulling out of their driveway Parker was NOT HAPPY! here is a picture of him as we are leaving their house. He's sooo cute!

Another thing I love about this time of year, is the weather. A little warm in the day, but cool in the evening . After dinner tonight we hung out oustide with the boys. They enjoyed their lemonade Popsicles and sidewalk chalk. DH decided to nap on the driveway and we drew a body line on him. The boys thought it was funny! :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Theology by a 4yr old

Last night at bedtime prayers, Anderson prayed for no rain. He didn't want it to rain b/c he was supposed to go fishing today with my dad (GungGung - grandpa in chinese). On our way to school today, he was highly disappointed that it was raining! He said "Mom did you pray for rain?" "Well who prayed for rain". At this point I went into how sometimes God gives us things we need even though we ask him not too. But I decided not to get into theology with my 'too smart' for me 4 yr old. So in the end I just told him that maybe a farmer prayed for rain, because he really needed it for his plants and food. That seemed to satisfy him.

However, tonight this is how his prayer went:

"Dear Jesus, please don't send any rain, even if a farmer prays for rain, please don't send any rain for the farmers..."


Another GOD moment was today at my parents house he was outside squirting GungGung with the water hose. Well, GungGung decided to squirt him back and that did not go over well. Anderson cried and cried. When they got inside, PoPo (my mom, grandma in chinese) asked him why he squirted the GungGung with the hose. 'A''s response: "Because GOD gave me the hose" What a hoot!

I'm going to pay for this!

It's 1:30am and I'm still awake!
Still in non-jammies
Still downstairs
Still sitting here on my computer!

What have I been doing. I wish I could say I was watching a movie or got sucked into catching up on all my shows on the DVR. I started to watch a CSI but decided against it when it was about a girl that was 3 and she was found murdered. NOPE! Not gonna watch that alone! But I am online! yep, my nemesis and BFF the internet! ugh!

My friend is going to Disney during "GayDays". I have been researching for her all about it and seeing what the deal is on that. She has 3 small children and didn't know what to expect. In the end after all my reading, is that its not an event "hosted or sponsored" by Disney but just a mass gathering in the Disney area.

Okay, so now its much later and I need to get to bed! Its going to be awful getting up early and getting my dear son off to preschool. Thank goodness its only preschool and he doesn't have to be on time. I'm going to be one of those parents that my poor child will be tardy all the time and he will be getting mad at me for it! Gotta find a good carpool buddy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Trader Joe's LOVE!

I think one of my very favorite things to buy at Trader Joe's is their croissants. They are so yummy and easy! 4 easy steps to delicious croissants!

1. Open box
2. Put frozen croissants on baking sheet before going to bed.
*They rise over night!
3. Put in oven.
4. EAT!

So easy! Its my turn this morning to bring food to MOPS and I bought 4 boxes of the mini croissants to bring. The easiest thing I've ever done!

Here are the pictures of my croissants this morning after they have risen and then they got even bigger after coming out of the oven! So yummy!

As you can see, my boys love these croissants. A perfect combo with the Trader Joe's reduced sugar jam! (no artificial sweeteners!)

Monday, April 21, 2008

No camera for THE perfect moment.

Our dear friend, Caroline, has been sick all weekend. I thought it would be nice if Anderson brought her flowers to make her feel better. I called up Caroline's mom while I was at Trader Joe's to see what her favorite color is, pink - of course! Picked out some pink tulips and put them in a vase. After I picked up Anderson at school I told him Caroline was still sick and that we should bring her something pretty to make her feel better. When we got to the house I handed him the vase and asked if he wanted me to go up to the door with him, or if he could go by himself. He said "I can go by myself Mom". What a shocker! He will not go up to anyone's door without me!

It was sooo cute to see him walk up the door with this vase of flowers in his hand. I almost cried (almost, I don't cry b/c I'm dead inside). He gets to the door and Caroline opens the door. And as quickly as she opened the door, she ran away. Funny, but when she gets shy she gets nervous and a bit embarrassed and sometimes mad. She didn't want anything to do with the flowers. She had colored Anderson a picture and she gave it to him. She explained that she colored it blue b/c blue is his favorite color. Her mom was trying to talk to her and ask her where they should put them but still no answer. Apparently, as soon as they closed the door and we left she was ecstatic about the flowers!

When her dad come home, he was baffled and wanted to find out where the flowers came from. He kept asking his wife and Caroline where they were from. Finally, Caroline told him they were from Anderson. And the conversation went something like this:

Dad: Why did Anderson get you flowers?
Caroline: He got me pink flowers b/c he knew pink was my favorite color.
Dad: But why did he get them for you?
Caroline: Anderson heard I was still sick, and he knew flowers would make me feel better!

Soooo cute! I am really mad I didn't have my camera with me! It would of been so cute!

Maybe I'll have to go over there before the flowers die and get them together in a picture.

Another Day at the Zoo

Jeff had some business in Charlotte last week. On his way home he called me up and asked me if I would meet him at the zoo (it can be halfway). We got there around 2:30pm and stayed til 5. I was so sleepy on the way there, I had to pull over and take a little rest. I was wiped out! It was nice to spend the afternoon with Jeff and the boys had a great time. We moved a bit faster than 2 weeks ago when we went with the 'mass' and this time we got to see almost all of the exhibits. I thought Parker might take a nap on the way to the zoo but of course he only slept the last 5 minutes of the ride. Needless to say, he was a bit of a crab the entire time we were there. His favorite part was riding the bus to the other end of the lot. What a hoot! Just like big brother, riding the bus is our favorite.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Annual Garage Sale

Each year we host the garage sale for our class at church. All the money we raise goes to our care fund. We use the money for various projects our class gets involved in and if anyone has a loved one that passes or has a baby. We have a lot of "treasures" that gets brought to our house the week before and then we have people come over Friday night for pizza and help with the sorting and pricing of all the stuff. Its great fun! We get a lot of unusual things and its hilarious. So we like to try it all on too! Here are some pictures of us wearing the "treasures" we found. There was a "flight jumpsuit" that was donated and the guys of course had to take turns trying it on! Jeff found a doozy! He loved this Christmas sweater! One of our shoppers this morning asked me "Whose husband is that wearing the sweater?" I was a little embarrassed to claim him, but I did.... I wore the great cowboy hat all morning, it has chicken feathers on it. It was small so my head was the only one that fit the hat.

In the end we raised a little of $700....AWESOME! Its a lot of work but I LOVE IT! Its so much fun. In fact my neighbors get all excited for our yard sale each year. This is our 4th year doing this, and we get a lot of repeat customers. Its hilarious to see the same people show up each year.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Fun

Anderson and I went shopping for DH's birthday present. I brought him to Target and said, "what should we get dad for his birthday?" 'A' decided that Dad needed a flashlight. So we went down the aisle and he picked up this set of 3 blue (of course) flashlights. We got some wrapping paper and 'A' wrapped it all up by himself. It was really cute. He was very excited about it.

We got our 10yards of mulch distributed, and literally right before the rain came As Jeff was shoveling the last wheelbarrow of mulch, the heavens opened and the rain came! My rose bed looks awesome! A fresh layer mulch always makes things beautiful! Yes I do love my roses. I just decided to hire Witherspoon Rose Culture to take care of my rose.
I had to scale back from 65 rose bushes to 35 to make it affordable. My DH built this bed for me about 2 years ago and I love working in it. Unfortunately, I just don't have to time to maintain and spray all my bushes to make them look great. So the deal was if I could scale back to 35 than I could hire Witherspoon. Love it! Oh yes, I have about 10 in the front yard that are part of the whole package too.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Anderson's Soccer Debut

This morning was the first (and I'm afraid to say it, but the start of many) mornings of me being a soccer mom! I'm only 1 step away from getting a minivan! AAAHHH (although after last week's zoo fiasco many of us decided it was time to step up and get one. We decided that now that we are mom's we are nerds and nobody who we think, will think we are cool - does, does that make sense. I guess its time to give up the thoughts of being a "cool mom". I even told my DH that my next car is to be a minivan! ARG! No worries, I have to drive my SUV into the ground before I can get a new car, so it very well will be a few years).

The soccer league we joined is part of our church, Colonial Baptist in Cary. The instructional/development league is for 4 and 5 year olds. The first 40 minutes is spent doing drills and learning about the game. The last 20min or so is playing a "game". No goalie, just 2 nets, a ball and 8 kids! It was pretty stinkin funny. I'm convinced though that the people in Sports Ministry must of known how much I love my sleep and how I struggle to get up in morning. Why? Because Anderson's team (the Comets) play in the first time slot! 8:45! yikes! Its good for me if I am out of my jammies by that time! They have 3 time slots and 5 teams at each time slot. But its so low key its great. You don't practice any other time during the week and you just play with the kids on your team. Good thing.

Anderson has been very very very excited about his upcoming soccer debut. He has been talking nonstop about it and counting down the "sleeps" until soccer. The excitement lasted all of about 10min. The descend started when someone took his ball, during a drill mind you. And then the tears came and they kept coming. Then he got too tired, and then he was hungry and then he was thirsty! The excuses kept coming. He was much more interested in playing with his blue jersey shirt than finding and chasing after the ball. The poor guy couldn't keep his hands out of his pants! What is up with little kids and their hands? I don't get it. The saving moment was that the coach's son didn't like soccer either! He was crying all during the hour too! YES!

I think we might have to use bribery for next weeks game. Parker had more fun with the soccer ball than Anderson did!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Excitment of the Day

We are going to have a busy work weekend. We got 10yards of mulch delivered today and the boys were quite excited about the delivery. They sat in the back of my car and watched the dump truck unload all the mulch. Parker was "oohhh aaahh!" the whole time. As you can see, they are still in their jammies (its 10am). Its cool to see how you don't have to teach boys to love big trucks!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday

So tomorrow (Wednesday) is my DH birthday! Here is a video the kids and I created for him.

I think it turned out super cute!

Happy Birthday!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Parker the Dog

Last night we went over to our friends, T&H's house. They love our boys. Our other friends, M&S were there too. We went over there for dessert. Before heading over there we went and picked up Parker (Anderson spent the night at PoPo's house). He ate dessert with us and he was a hoot! Everyone had so much fun with Parker. None of them have kids yet so they love our boys! 'M' decided that Parker is just like their dog. He loves to chase for his blankie! Here are some pictures of them 'playing' with Parker like a dog!

Can you tell how much Parker loves having the attention all to himself? No big brother around....

Friday, April 4, 2008


Picture this - 6 mommies, 3 SUV's, 11 children - 3 nursing babies, a 1 yr old, a 2 year old, 22 month old (my Parker), 3 yr old, three 3.5 yr olds, and a 4 yr old (my Anderson) ALL GOING TO THE ZOO!

yep, we all piled in for an hour long car ride and headed for a day (which turned into an afternoon) to the zoo! All of us our friends from church and we all love to plan! We are all type A personalities, so all of you non type A, this would of been a nightmare! During the course of this past week, we have exchanged about 20 emails planning this day out. We decided to meet at 9:30 at someone's house. While the babies were being nursed, Megan and I took out all the appropriate carseats and placed them in their designated cars. (all predetermined via email, of course). Sounds simple, THINK NOT! We didn't pull out of the driveway til TWO HOURS LATER! It took quite a bit of maneuvering and a lot of switching around and chasing children, making sure no one was getting run over, and making sure all the kiddies were being accounted for! I was sweating by the time we were ready to go! We decided that if our husbands were there and saw the chaos on the driveway, they would of all abandoned ship! At the end we all kept saying that someone should of taken pictures of us then! I felt like we were taking a homeschooling preschool group on a field trip!

We got to the zoo about 12nn but by the time we got lunches and babies fed and strollers packed and tickets purchased and walked into the zoo it was 1:09! Then of course we had to take a potty break! 20 minutes, we were finally ready to see some animals!

What a morning! But chaos loves company and without all my friends there and all the kids, it would of been a disaster. But thanks to all my girls, we laughed it up and had a great time. We were a site to see. 6 strollers pulling a long and dragging all these kids behind us. We were a parade. Everyone just took responsibility of whatever child was next to them! Thankfully all the babies did great and didn't hear nearly a peep out of them. No fighting was involved (which is a great feat with my 2 boys!) and all the kids got a long. Parker was a little jealous at one point when Anderson was holding hands with Caroline, HE DID NOT LIKE THAT! Parker doesn't like it when Anderson holds hands with someone else. He is jealous! Its actually pretty funny, sometimes.

Well after being at the zoo for a full 2 hours, we headed back. Anderson was grouchy and pouty because we didn't get to see the whole zoo. Oh yes, that is right, we only got to see about half of the zoo. But everyone there today became members of the zoo so we will be going back. Its more fun when your children are running wild with friends. It doesn't seem so tiring. A couple months ago I took the kids by myself to the zoo for 2 hours. What was I thinking! I was sweating, like today. The forecast had predicted rain, and Praise God, no rain today! It was fantastic weather. A little cool, but pleasant. All the mommies were sweating it out at the end of the day though, but I think we all had a great time!

Anderson however, did not enjoy it. He is an introvert and even though all the boys and girls are familiar with him, he plays with each one of them on a regular basis, Anderson did not enjoy himself today. He likes to play with his friends on a small scale (one on one), clearly not like his mommy who organized this chaos today! He had a great time with Caroline in the car on the ride there and back, but didn't want anything to do with anyone while we were there. It took a bribery of candy to get him in pictures!

Kids didn't nap in the car ride home. Parker napped for about 20min. Can't sleep very well when Anderson and Caroline are in the 3rd row of our car at 100 decibels! And the kid still partied til about 9:30 tonight! What a him!
Here are all the crazy mommies!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I -heart- TRADER JOES!

So a lot of my friends told me today that I was crazy for becoming a "blogger" I'm sure that its true. We had a very rainy day. Its been crazy! Went to Trader Joe's - MY FAVORITE PLACE TO SHOP! (FOR FOOD) and I got all things for dinner tonight. So I think I'm going to start a list of my favorite things to eat/buy at Trader Joe's! Anyone have anything to add?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First Ever - What am I doing?

So I've decided to enter the world of "blogging". I have jumped on this band wagon late, but hey, better late then never! My husband, Jeff says that I would be good at this. Since I love to talk and ramble, I guess why not!

"What am I doing?" I decided to name title of my blog this, b/c I find myself asking myself this all the time! Most of the time, its b/c I just did something stupid. Most recently I hit a parked car outside a shopping center (of course). I seriously am not a good driver and have endangered a lot of people. I drive a huge SUV and have NO right to be driving something so huge! What am I doing?

here is a picture of our cute family