Saturday, April 12, 2008

Anderson's Soccer Debut

This morning was the first (and I'm afraid to say it, but the start of many) mornings of me being a soccer mom! I'm only 1 step away from getting a minivan! AAAHHH (although after last week's zoo fiasco many of us decided it was time to step up and get one. We decided that now that we are mom's we are nerds and nobody who we think, will think we are cool - does, does that make sense. I guess its time to give up the thoughts of being a "cool mom". I even told my DH that my next car is to be a minivan! ARG! No worries, I have to drive my SUV into the ground before I can get a new car, so it very well will be a few years).

The soccer league we joined is part of our church, Colonial Baptist in Cary. The instructional/development league is for 4 and 5 year olds. The first 40 minutes is spent doing drills and learning about the game. The last 20min or so is playing a "game". No goalie, just 2 nets, a ball and 8 kids! It was pretty stinkin funny. I'm convinced though that the people in Sports Ministry must of known how much I love my sleep and how I struggle to get up in morning. Why? Because Anderson's team (the Comets) play in the first time slot! 8:45! yikes! Its good for me if I am out of my jammies by that time! They have 3 time slots and 5 teams at each time slot. But its so low key its great. You don't practice any other time during the week and you just play with the kids on your team. Good thing.

Anderson has been very very very excited about his upcoming soccer debut. He has been talking nonstop about it and counting down the "sleeps" until soccer. The excitement lasted all of about 10min. The descend started when someone took his ball, during a drill mind you. And then the tears came and they kept coming. Then he got too tired, and then he was hungry and then he was thirsty! The excuses kept coming. He was much more interested in playing with his blue jersey shirt than finding and chasing after the ball. The poor guy couldn't keep his hands out of his pants! What is up with little kids and their hands? I don't get it. The saving moment was that the coach's son didn't like soccer either! He was crying all during the hour too! YES!

I think we might have to use bribery for next weeks game. Parker had more fun with the soccer ball than Anderson did!

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