Saturday, April 19, 2008

Annual Garage Sale

Each year we host the garage sale for our class at church. All the money we raise goes to our care fund. We use the money for various projects our class gets involved in and if anyone has a loved one that passes or has a baby. We have a lot of "treasures" that gets brought to our house the week before and then we have people come over Friday night for pizza and help with the sorting and pricing of all the stuff. Its great fun! We get a lot of unusual things and its hilarious. So we like to try it all on too! Here are some pictures of us wearing the "treasures" we found. There was a "flight jumpsuit" that was donated and the guys of course had to take turns trying it on! Jeff found a doozy! He loved this Christmas sweater! One of our shoppers this morning asked me "Whose husband is that wearing the sweater?" I was a little embarrassed to claim him, but I did.... I wore the great cowboy hat all morning, it has chicken feathers on it. It was small so my head was the only one that fit the hat.

In the end we raised a little of $700....AWESOME! Its a lot of work but I LOVE IT! Its so much fun. In fact my neighbors get all excited for our yard sale each year. This is our 4th year doing this, and we get a lot of repeat customers. Its hilarious to see the same people show up each year.

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