Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Trader Joe's LOVE!

I think one of my very favorite things to buy at Trader Joe's is their croissants. They are so yummy and easy! 4 easy steps to delicious croissants!

1. Open box
2. Put frozen croissants on baking sheet before going to bed.
*They rise over night!
3. Put in oven.
4. EAT!

So easy! Its my turn this morning to bring food to MOPS and I bought 4 boxes of the mini croissants to bring. The easiest thing I've ever done!

Here are the pictures of my croissants this morning after they have risen and then they got even bigger after coming out of the oven! So yummy!

As you can see, my boys love these croissants. A perfect combo with the Trader Joe's reduced sugar jam! (no artificial sweeteners!)

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Jenna said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the blog!!!! Why didn't you tell me about this sooner?? :) I'll be a loyal reader! Blogs are my (not so) secret addiction, and it's even better when I actually KNOW the person! :)

Darn- I don't think there is a Trader Joe's anywhere near me. I'll have to find out.....you've made me crave croissants!! I've never been to Trader Joes- is it kind of like Whole Foods (my favorite place on earth!)? I'm dying to get a Whole Foods around here. Apparently, we New Englanders love our junk food, but not so much Whole Foods! Bummer!

Thanks for the vote of confidence on the children's ministry position. I'm excited right now, but I'm sure that will turn to panic soon!

The boys are getting so big and are quite the handsome fellows! I'm sure two boys makes for a busy day!

Well, I'll keep checking in- how DO you stay so skinny if you love food so much? :)