Monday, April 28, 2008

GEE Thanks Jenna!...(note sarcasm)

My dear Jenna has "tagged" me to write down 3 unusual facts or things about me. I am not a fan of these "chain letter" things, but since I have known Jenna for over 10 years, and since she is a fan of my blog, I feel the need to do her the favor in return! I'm just lazy that's why I don't like to do these. Just b/c I don't want to sit down and think of what to say etc etc. The tagging assignment is to write down 3 odd facts about me. But since this is a common ice breaker at church settings, here are the things I always say about me. I will be tagging out friends! :)

1. I have a "tooth brushing" phobia. I don't like to watch people brush their teeth and I struggle brushing my boys' teeth. I can't even watch people on TV brushing their teeth. ugh! It makes me gag and nearly throw up! I can't handle it! My friends will harrass me and brush their teeth in front of me! Such great friends. One of my college roommates even left a message on our answering machine with her brushing her teeth on it! Awful! I have no problems or issues with doing my own teeth, its just watching others. I can't handle all the foam and when people talk to me while they are brushing that just pushes me over the edge! yuck!

2. One of my top 3 things I want to do in my life (my bucket list) is to shoot a deer. I don't want to gut it or anything, just shoot it and then make a coat of its hide, like Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman! Although my friend told me that I had to kill a lot of deer to get a coat. Maybe just a purse then?

3. I HATE SAND! It freaks me out! I can't stand it on my feet and I can't stand the feel of it. Yes, I grew up in South Florida on the coast, 5 min away from the beach. And I despise the beach. Of course my DH loves loves the beach and my sons love it too! AAAHHH!! When we do go to the beach and I feel sand on my feet inside our condo or hotel room, I go bonkers. Last summer we were at a Marriott and when I walked back into our room one afternoon there was sand all inside the entrance way. I looked down the hall and saw a cleaning cart. I proceeded to "borrow" the vacuum and clean up all the sand! I can't handle it. I make Anderson wash all the beach toys at least 10x before we bring them back into our living space and NO SHOES OR TOYS are aloud inside either. My husband says I need help...maybe????

So there you have it, my 3 odd facts about me. I'm sure I have more, but these are the ones that come to mind right away...

Well, I will tag Keila for sure! And Lorena, even though she just had a baby on Sunday (congrats Lorena!), I think she will have PLENTY of time to do this! hee hee.....


Keila said...

first of all, the obligatory "gee, thanks!"

second of all, oh my gosh!! i HATE seeing other people brush their teeth! if they talk that's all the worst. i was dying on the couch the other night when lexie was doing it!

i'm so glad i'm not alone!

Mom Mavis said...

THAT IS AWESOME! you are the only other person i know who has this phobia like me! this is why we are kindred spirits! :)

Jenna said...

Thanks, Mavis! I'm honored you'd humor me. :) I hate the chain things too....just wait. I have to do another one this week. I promise I won't tag you on it! Funny thing is I love reading other people's answers, but I cannot stand doing them.

Scot hates sand too, and this is a problem because I love the beach.

And, I am a fan of your blog! :)

~stevesgurl~ said...

Oh, yes. I have PLENTY of time! :) hehe...actually things are going well and I can't complain. I will have to remember to brush my teeth in front of you as my thanks for this!! haha...just kidding.