Thursday, April 3, 2008

I -heart- TRADER JOES!

So a lot of my friends told me today that I was crazy for becoming a "blogger" I'm sure that its true. We had a very rainy day. Its been crazy! Went to Trader Joe's - MY FAVORITE PLACE TO SHOP! (FOR FOOD) and I got all things for dinner tonight. So I think I'm going to start a list of my favorite things to eat/buy at Trader Joe's! Anyone have anything to add?


Anonymous said...

Yes you are crazy... but now you need to convince Keila to start one as well!

Vimal and Tabatha Patel said...

So fun to see your blog! some of my favorite things at Trader Joe's are Dark Chocolate covered pretzels and Snap Pea Crisps!

Keila said...

okay, so i got to a Trader Joe's up in DC today and because of you I bought the steel cut oatmeal and the french berry lemonade for a baby shower i'm throwing next month. can't wait to try both of them!
also can't wait for my trader joe's to finally come here this year!!!

Keila said...

so i'm a loser... i didn't get the steel cut oatmeal apparently. somewhere in my perusing of my choices i walked away with a regular oatmeal. it's good though!
BUT, I did buy three boxes of my favorite cereal... the Organic Mango Granola!!!