Monday, April 21, 2008

No camera for THE perfect moment.

Our dear friend, Caroline, has been sick all weekend. I thought it would be nice if Anderson brought her flowers to make her feel better. I called up Caroline's mom while I was at Trader Joe's to see what her favorite color is, pink - of course! Picked out some pink tulips and put them in a vase. After I picked up Anderson at school I told him Caroline was still sick and that we should bring her something pretty to make her feel better. When we got to the house I handed him the vase and asked if he wanted me to go up to the door with him, or if he could go by himself. He said "I can go by myself Mom". What a shocker! He will not go up to anyone's door without me!

It was sooo cute to see him walk up the door with this vase of flowers in his hand. I almost cried (almost, I don't cry b/c I'm dead inside). He gets to the door and Caroline opens the door. And as quickly as she opened the door, she ran away. Funny, but when she gets shy she gets nervous and a bit embarrassed and sometimes mad. She didn't want anything to do with the flowers. She had colored Anderson a picture and she gave it to him. She explained that she colored it blue b/c blue is his favorite color. Her mom was trying to talk to her and ask her where they should put them but still no answer. Apparently, as soon as they closed the door and we left she was ecstatic about the flowers!

When her dad come home, he was baffled and wanted to find out where the flowers came from. He kept asking his wife and Caroline where they were from. Finally, Caroline told him they were from Anderson. And the conversation went something like this:

Dad: Why did Anderson get you flowers?
Caroline: He got me pink flowers b/c he knew pink was my favorite color.
Dad: But why did he get them for you?
Caroline: Anderson heard I was still sick, and he knew flowers would make me feel better!

Soooo cute! I am really mad I didn't have my camera with me! It would of been so cute!

Maybe I'll have to go over there before the flowers die and get them together in a picture.

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Keila said...

So cute!! I love moments like those!

Oh, and nice comment, "Christina"... did I mention yet, 2 MORE NIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!