Friday, April 25, 2008

Ramblings from today

some pictures from today...

This is my favorite time of year for my roses! Everything looks so nice and green and the blooms are gorgeous. No bugs are here and its not hot and the disease is not rampant. Here is one of my favorite roses... "Abraham Darby" Its a David Austin Rose and it smells soooo good!

Yesterday we made a trip to the local garden center and got lots of flowers for my window and several pots for the front porch. I also picked up 2 sunflowers for each of the boys. This isboxes Anderson next to his sunflower. He helped me pick out the place to put it and water it everyday.

Today we stopped by Aunt H & Uncle T's house. I needed to drop off a box on their porch while they were at work. As I was pulling out of their driveway Parker was NOT HAPPY! here is a picture of him as we are leaving their house. He's sooo cute!

Another thing I love about this time of year, is the weather. A little warm in the day, but cool in the evening . After dinner tonight we hung out oustide with the boys. They enjoyed their lemonade Popsicles and sidewalk chalk. DH decided to nap on the driveway and we drew a body line on him. The boys thought it was funny! :)

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