Sunday, April 27, 2008


We have some AWESOME FRIENDS! T&H came out this morning to watch Anderson play soccer. That was so nice of them. The have no kids and they got up early to watch Anderson play. That rocks! Here is a pic of Aunt H with Parker at soccer.

We had huge improvements this week with soccer. Anderson was quite proud of himself that he didn't cry, whine or put his hands down his pants! That is HUGE progress! Although 15minutes into it, he was ready to go home.
He kept telling me he was tired, or sleepy and ready to go home. Funny guy! Can you tell he is ready to go home! There is a smile and he packed up my chair. (which I got at Costco, one of my top 3 places to shop!)

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Jenna said...

Hey- I tagged you on my blog.....sorry, but you are my friend, so you'll forgive me. I actually can't wait to hear your three random facts. So, check out my blog post for directions!