Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Theology by a 4yr old

Last night at bedtime prayers, Anderson prayed for no rain. He didn't want it to rain b/c he was supposed to go fishing today with my dad (GungGung - grandpa in chinese). On our way to school today, he was highly disappointed that it was raining! He said "Mom did you pray for rain?" "Well who prayed for rain". At this point I went into how sometimes God gives us things we need even though we ask him not too. But I decided not to get into theology with my 'too smart' for me 4 yr old. So in the end I just told him that maybe a farmer prayed for rain, because he really needed it for his plants and food. That seemed to satisfy him.

However, tonight this is how his prayer went:

"Dear Jesus, please don't send any rain, even if a farmer prays for rain, please don't send any rain for the farmers..."


Another GOD moment was today at my parents house he was outside squirting GungGung with the water hose. Well, GungGung decided to squirt him back and that did not go over well. Anderson cried and cried. When they got inside, PoPo (my mom, grandma in chinese) asked him why he squirted the GungGung with the hose. 'A''s response: "Because GOD gave me the hose" What a hoot!

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Jenna said...

That is hysterical! Those darn farmers.....ruining everybody's fun.

Now, if I could just get my hands on whoever prayed for all the snow we had this past winter!!! :)