Saturday, April 26, 2008


So I am one of THOSE people who LOVE TV! Especially when DH is out of town it makes for a nice end of the day thing for me.

This past Thursday was especially exciting - GREY'S ANATOMY IS BACK! Woohoo! Yes, I am addicted to it. And I feel like I need to say that Grey's Anatomy is what is holding my friendship together with Keila! :) Each Thursday night or Friday we exchange emails to "recap" what we thought of that night's episode. Summer times are hard for us and that crazy writer's strike really kept us apart! yikes! I'm so glad Grey's is back. Its my useless mindless addiction. Who doesn't like to watch Patrick Dempsey for 60minutes! So wonderful....aaahhh I can't wait for his new movie to come out.

During this strike we have gotten addicted to 'HOUSE'. Love that show. I am 1 DVD away from finishing Season 2. The only bad thing about getting hooked on this show is the fact that everytime I feel something wrong with me, I think I have some rare disease and that I need to find Dr. House. Whenever I hear that someone is sick, I always think of what would Dr. House do! that is when I know I need a break from HOUSE. I need a break....


Jenna said...

I don't like to watch Patrick Dempsey for 60 minutes. I think I am the only person in America. :)

Keila said...

Jenna, I know I don't know you, but you may need Dr. House! Not like Patrick Dempsey? ;) Just kidding of course!
When my 6 year old gave me "Seeing 'Enchanted'" with her for a Christmas present, I'm not sure which one of us was more excited!!
Mav, I am so glad our friendship has be resolidified!! I just saw the funniest clip for this week's episode... the elevator with Addison, Merideth, Derek, Rose and Mark... I'm still laughing!!