Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Fun

Anderson and I went shopping for DH's birthday present. I brought him to Target and said, "what should we get dad for his birthday?" 'A' decided that Dad needed a flashlight. So we went down the aisle and he picked up this set of 3 blue (of course) flashlights. We got some wrapping paper and 'A' wrapped it all up by himself. It was really cute. He was very excited about it.

We got our 10yards of mulch distributed, and literally right before the rain came As Jeff was shoveling the last wheelbarrow of mulch, the heavens opened and the rain came! My rose bed looks awesome! A fresh layer mulch always makes things beautiful! Yes I do love my roses. I just decided to hire Witherspoon Rose Culture to take care of my rose.
I had to scale back from 65 rose bushes to 35 to make it affordable. My DH built this bed for me about 2 years ago and I love working in it. Unfortunately, I just don't have to time to maintain and spray all my bushes to make them look great. So the deal was if I could scale back to 35 than I could hire Witherspoon. Love it! Oh yes, I have about 10 in the front yard that are part of the whole package too.

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