Friday, April 4, 2008


Picture this - 6 mommies, 3 SUV's, 11 children - 3 nursing babies, a 1 yr old, a 2 year old, 22 month old (my Parker), 3 yr old, three 3.5 yr olds, and a 4 yr old (my Anderson) ALL GOING TO THE ZOO!

yep, we all piled in for an hour long car ride and headed for a day (which turned into an afternoon) to the zoo! All of us our friends from church and we all love to plan! We are all type A personalities, so all of you non type A, this would of been a nightmare! During the course of this past week, we have exchanged about 20 emails planning this day out. We decided to meet at 9:30 at someone's house. While the babies were being nursed, Megan and I took out all the appropriate carseats and placed them in their designated cars. (all predetermined via email, of course). Sounds simple, THINK NOT! We didn't pull out of the driveway til TWO HOURS LATER! It took quite a bit of maneuvering and a lot of switching around and chasing children, making sure no one was getting run over, and making sure all the kiddies were being accounted for! I was sweating by the time we were ready to go! We decided that if our husbands were there and saw the chaos on the driveway, they would of all abandoned ship! At the end we all kept saying that someone should of taken pictures of us then! I felt like we were taking a homeschooling preschool group on a field trip!

We got to the zoo about 12nn but by the time we got lunches and babies fed and strollers packed and tickets purchased and walked into the zoo it was 1:09! Then of course we had to take a potty break! 20 minutes, we were finally ready to see some animals!

What a morning! But chaos loves company and without all my friends there and all the kids, it would of been a disaster. But thanks to all my girls, we laughed it up and had a great time. We were a site to see. 6 strollers pulling a long and dragging all these kids behind us. We were a parade. Everyone just took responsibility of whatever child was next to them! Thankfully all the babies did great and didn't hear nearly a peep out of them. No fighting was involved (which is a great feat with my 2 boys!) and all the kids got a long. Parker was a little jealous at one point when Anderson was holding hands with Caroline, HE DID NOT LIKE THAT! Parker doesn't like it when Anderson holds hands with someone else. He is jealous! Its actually pretty funny, sometimes.

Well after being at the zoo for a full 2 hours, we headed back. Anderson was grouchy and pouty because we didn't get to see the whole zoo. Oh yes, that is right, we only got to see about half of the zoo. But everyone there today became members of the zoo so we will be going back. Its more fun when your children are running wild with friends. It doesn't seem so tiring. A couple months ago I took the kids by myself to the zoo for 2 hours. What was I thinking! I was sweating, like today. The forecast had predicted rain, and Praise God, no rain today! It was fantastic weather. A little cool, but pleasant. All the mommies were sweating it out at the end of the day though, but I think we all had a great time!

Anderson however, did not enjoy it. He is an introvert and even though all the boys and girls are familiar with him, he plays with each one of them on a regular basis, Anderson did not enjoy himself today. He likes to play with his friends on a small scale (one on one), clearly not like his mommy who organized this chaos today! He had a great time with Caroline in the car on the ride there and back, but didn't want anything to do with anyone while we were there. It took a bribery of candy to get him in pictures!

Kids didn't nap in the car ride home. Parker napped for about 20min. Can't sleep very well when Anderson and Caroline are in the 3rd row of our car at 100 decibels! And the kid still partied til about 9:30 tonight! What a him!
Here are all the crazy mommies!

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Lisa said...

OMG! I'm stressed out just reading about your day at the zoo. What were you thinking??? :)