Saturday, May 31, 2008

ReCap of Disney

A highlight to my trip! I ran into an old friend, Karyn! We were in each other's wedding and we went to Cedarville together. DH was waiting for Anderson and I to finish riding Soarin (Epcot) and he kept telling me to hurry to where he was. And I get there and there she is! I was freakin! What a fun suprise.

We like to have really good seats for the parades. So on this particular night I decided to take the turn and save our spots for the Spectro Magic parade at Magic Kingdom. It is the updated version of the Electrical Parade from years past. I parked the stroller on the curb and had a great spot! I had to wait 1.5 hours before the parade started, so Jeff took the boys for some rides. As I waited, I was walked over, my belongings were moved and people kept treating me like a rug! As if I wasn't there. Awful. It was stressin me out! My nails were gone by the time the boys arrived. I am not doing that job again!

If you can't spoil your kid with "not good for you treats" at Disney, where can you? (besides my Aunty Lisa's house, but that's for another blog!). Each afternoon, Anderson and I would take a snack break and get something nice and cold. I would have ice cream and Anderson would get some treat. Poor Parker is allergic to ice cream so we would do this during nap time. Parker had nap time around 1pm anyway, so around 3pm we had snack time... poor Parker!

Here is Parker 'buckle-ing'. If he even spies a buckle, unbuckled, WATCH OUT! It has to be buckled and since he doesn't talk much, he just says "buck, buck" and he tries his hardest to buckle it together. This is a good ploy to keep him occupied for a good bit. At meals, we can keep him busy trying to buckle his high chair and then we unbuckle and then the cycle starts all over again. its great! While at Disney, he ran over to someone else's stroller and started to buckle their stroller. Luckily we were at Disney where 99% of the people there are super friendly and don't care if your children are acting weird or wild! Perfect for me since my children are both of those 99% of the time! So this nice family thought it was hilarious that Parker kept going back to their stroller trying to buckle it. What a funny kid.

Anderson was selected to be part of the "Festival of the Lion King" show at Animal Kingdom. When we were there last September he was asked to take part, but of course "super mom" had dead batteries in her camera! So when he was selected this year, I was ready! Uncle/SookSook (in chinese) Matt went out on the stage with him and he helped lead our section in the Elephant sound. It was really cute and he did a great job! We saw the show earlier in the week and Anderson was devastated we weren't sitting in the elephant section. We had seen the show 4x prior and each time we always sit in the elephant section. So, my son being the particular child that he is, was complaining the first 15 min that we were in the Lion section and not the elephant. When we went back with Matt & Kel, we were sure to sit in the elephants, phew!

Here is Anderson with his Matt & Kelley! He loves his SookSook Matt and SumSum Kelley (that's their names in Chinese). He had to ride every ride with Kelley! Matt & I bonded since we rode the rides together. (of course, Parker is napping during most of this)

For almost 3 years, I've been trying to get Anderson to run through these and he always says no. He doesn't like to get wet unless he is supposed to. So that night, I ask and he says yes! Only if Matt does it with him though. So it bit me in the butt and here they are running through it. Anderson didn't get too wet, but Matt got soaked! sorry Matt...

It's 9:30pm. We are at Downtown Disney (this is when Jeff and Anderson did there 6pm - 12mdnght trek through 3 parks) and I was trying to get a few more things and Parker would have none of it, until I said, "do you want any candy?". So he is having a mickey lollipop, who wouldn't be happy after that!

Parker would not get near the pool before leaving for Disney. After the first day at Disney he became a fish. Disney is magical and I am sure that is what happens. There is a certain magic you experience and Parker got it! He loved the pool and was so excited to go swimming. At home, he would put up a fight if we tried to get his bathing suit on. Here, we couldn't get it on fast enough. He even went down the little slide they have for toddlers. He was so mad he couldn't go down the bigger water slide that Anderson was zipping down. Parker was so good at getting his face wet and being dunked. What a champ! This picture is of Parker with Matt at the pool. I think I abused my kids with the camera. Neither one of them will look at the camera anymore....

On our way out of Disney - Before we even got on the highway....

To see more pics go to flickr


Yep, as my friend Stephani told me, I was MIA since my last post. After my BIL and his wife arrived, we were so busy. They are so great! We love them! It was fun to see them with the boys and just running with them, playing with them in the parks and at the pool. We stayed at Saratoga Springs on Disney property and their pool is spectacular. So we actually had some days where we only went to the parks for 1/2 a day or none at all and just went swimming and hung out at Downtown Disney. Earle of Sandwich is THE BEST sandwich place in the whole wide world and its in downtown Disney. I ate there 3x this trip. You can't go wrong.... So sorry to all my fellow blog readers. I didn't mean to desert you but, I had no connection there, at least no free connection.

Our last night there, DH took Anderson out to the parks around 6:30pm. They hit Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Magic Kingdom all via bus and monorail. He was out til 12:30am and had a blast. Ate ice cream at midnight and enjoyed a night out with dad. We definitely paid for it today when we were roaming all over Animal Kingdom, but we agreed it was worth it.

I'm such a bad mom b/c I sorta tricked Anderson into going on the Roarin Rapids ride today at Animal Kingdomo. He hated it! As soon as he got wet, he started the meltdown and crying. Apparently he and Kelley were sitting in the section where you get the most! But what made the situation even funnier (maybe) is that I left him with Matt & Kelley, while Jeff, Parker and I went back to the resort to pack up the stuff. What troopers. Anderson loves his Kelley! He calls her SumSum Kelley (means wife of younger brother on dad's side). He rode every ride with her, sat next to her in the car, on the bus, in the shows, at every meal, and only wanted her to catch him at the bottom of the slide at the pool. It was fun. Poor Matty was feeling neglected b/c Parker was all about Kelley too! Sorry Matt!

Well, I'm too lazy to get the camera out of the car tonight, so maybe i'll get around to posting some pics on my blog and on my flickr site.

We arrived tonight to Hilton Head Island, SC where the FIL, MIL and SIL will be joining us tomorrow afternoon. They haven't seen the boys since Thanksgiving so we are all excited to see them! Anderson can't wait. Parker won't know what is going on, but he adjusts so quickly and just loves on everyone, that it won't be a problem. And HALLELUJAH! there is free wireless here at the Barony Beach Club....all last week, I felt like I had lost a limb without being able to check my email and post pics and blogs. My DH and I are sitting here in the family room at 1am being nerds on the computer and just doing nothing. We are nerds with love....

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Disney - Day 1

We love Disney! We have an annual pass and this is our 4th trip since Sept 07. Its great! We are here for the week and then we will head to Hilton Head Island with the Davis family.

We left our house at 3am on Sat and it takes about 9 hours to get here. Its the best way to travel with the boys, since Parker is not a fan of the car, so middle of the night travelling is the best. Parker also doesn't like to travel. He doesn't sleep well when we are not at home and he doesn't usually eat. Not a good member of the family since the rest of us love to travel! We decided to pack his crib mattress and we found a great spot for him to sleep, in the closet! This is nothing new for us, since Anderson used to sleep in his pack and play all the time in either the bathroom of hotels or the closet.

We are staying at Saratoga Springs Resort on Disney property and its one of our favorite places to stay. It is a 1bedroom condo unit with a full kitchen and an actual bedroom. DH's brother, Matt and his wife, Kelley are coming on Tuesday to stay until Sat. We are very excited to see them! This is a picture of Parker sleeping in his bedroom/closet at the resort.

Its become sort of a tradtion for us to eat at Raglan Road on our first night here. Its an Irish restaurant at Downtown Disney. They have some of the best food around and they have this awesome band that starts playing around 9pm at night. This is Parker's first experience with the band. Anderson absolutely loves the band! We will wait longer for a table if we can get it in the main room to be near the band. Its great entertainment. And they have an Irish dancer that will do a few numbers on a table in the middle of the dining room. The boys love her! The boys stay out sooo late when we are here. So after I vented all about those crazy parents keeping the kids out late at Duran Duran, Jeff brought up last night I was doing the same thing. Its not the same - we are Disney, everyone else is doing it too! :) right????

Parker has been soooo excited to see the buses all over the place. He keeps saying "bus,bus,bus,bus"...but once we get on the bus, its all over. He feels the freedom and just wants to run around all over the place. its hard to contain him on the bus. Jeff actually got off at the first stop at the resort so he could walk back with Parker.

We had our first day at Animal Kingdom today. We went and said hello to all the characters, saw the Lion King show and did the Safari ride. Parker hated the characters and Anderson was considerably shy with them, very unusual for him. Normally he would at least give them a fist pump or high fives.

Its nap time at the moment and I'm at the McDonalds down the street (free wifi). Not sure what we are doing tonight, but Anderson has a few requests - golf ball or the big hat (that would be Epcot or Hollywood Studios/MGM).

Friday, May 23, 2008


Today was a 'final episode' kind of a night.

First there was the 2 hour Grey's Anatomy Finale. It wasn't so much a 2 hour episode but more of a 1 hour episode with 1 hour of commercials. It was 5 minutes of show than BANG commercials. yikes! I know its sweeps, but c'mon! It took me 2 hours to find out if Derek and Meredith were going to get back together (I won't spoil it for those who haven't watched yet).

Final episode of "playset trilogy" tonight. woohoo! the boys were so excited about it finishing. We kind of put off completing the playset due to the "verypossiblebutdidn'tenduphappening" move. We are going to have a bday party for Parker in the end of June so I kind of wanted it to be done by then. Yes, Parker is almost naked. I needed to take his shirt and shorts off to throw into a load of laundry I was doing. Why bother putting him in clean clothes for 1 hour, he will just get them dirty. We are leaving for vacation tomorrow (but technically Sat - 2am) so I had to have clean clothes!

Which by the way, let me digress, why doesn't anyone tell you that you should invest in a pimped out cadillac of all washing machines and dryers when you first get married??? And why do laundry machines have to last 10years??? I really want to get one of those huge machines so I can get way more laundry done in a short amount of time. My machines did not stop going today. Those things are running every day!

Final Episode of soccer. Tonight they had a little closing ceremonies of sorts for soccer. They had a time of hotdogs and then each child got a soccer ball and they could get all the other kids on their team to sign their ball. I did not go, so I could finish the Mt. Everest of laundry in my house. Which by the way is still not done....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Hungry Like a Wolf"

Our dear friends T&M invited us to the Duran Duran concert tonight. Yes, Duran Duran from the 80's. I only knew song and recognized a few others. We had a great time. We had a large group of people that went, including my children's dentist. How funny is that? 'T' is very good friends with our boys' dentist and Dr. B is hilarious and we had a great time with Dr. B. The concert was in an outdoor ampitheater and the weather was perfect. A little bit cool once the sun went down, but it was still comfortable. The ampitheater is very nice and we sat in the lawn section.

Several observations I made while at the Duran Duran concert.

1. Why do people insist on bringing their children to an outdoor concert where you can barely hear the person next to you? I mean CHILDREN AND BABIES! It was a school night and a few feet away there was a 7 year old boy and a 3 year old (all my guesstimates). Why??? why did you pay for 2 tickets ($35 a piece) to bring your children to a rock concert and your children are clearly not enjoying it! The older boy was reading a book and his dad made him put it away. So sad...They finally left a little after 9pm. And these people were not the only ones! why? When for the price of the 2 tickets they could of gotten a babysitter???? I just don't get it. I saw 3 year olds sitting on top of their parents shoulders at 10pm. And I saw parents with baby carriers...what???? We saw one couple with a tiny baby. Why, Why, Why? Now I sound like I'm really old.

2. Just b/c you go to a 80's concert does not mean you need to dress like one. I couldn't decide if they did it to be funny or b/c they are still in the 80's. My DH was in the latter category. He decided it would be funny to 'peg' his jeans and flip up his pink polo collar. I didn't think it was funny but he did, so be it. But I did see a woman who was trying to impersonate (and not very well) Cindy Lauper/Madonna with the lace glove and lace bicycle shorts.

3. All walks of life enjoy Duran Duran. I saw all age groups there tonight. It was a great time to people watch before the sun went down. There were grandmas, middle age, young couples, college students and teens.

4. I was at a middle school dance. There were 3 couples in front of us and everytime a slow song was sung, they would dance like 8th graders. You know with the hands around the waists and with the hands in each other pockets.

5. I had no business being there. I could only sing to one of the songs.

I still enjoyed being there with our friends. It was fun to get out and have a night out with out the kids. But it did feel weird to be out on a Wednesday night (now I am really old!)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Anderson had a spring concert this morning at school. When we were getting dressed he told me that he needed to wear something nice and that a tie would be nice. So here he is in his 'nice' outfit. How did he get so grown up?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Laser time....

Anderson was born with a port wine stain. Its a type of birthmark he was born with and will grow proportionally with him as he gets older. Every 3 months we bring him to Duke Hospital and he gets laser treatment to have it removed. We have been doing this for several years and it is getting lighter and lighter. We are thankful that it is on his leg, as it most commonly appears on the face. And we are thankful that we live so close to the hospital that performs this treatment. I am always amazed at the different families I meet in the waiting room. Most have to travel some distance for their treatment. Today I met a family from Virginia. They come down Sunday night and spend the night in a hotel (Dr. Burton only does the surgery on Mondays).

Since we have been doing this for sometime, it has become routine for us. Anderson is a champ! The doctors and nurses just love him. He knows exactly what is going to happen and he doesn't complain. He gets anesthesia and is unconscious for about 30minutes. He used to fight really bad before he got knocked out, now its old hat for him. What a champ! Many people ask us how long we will keep doing it, and our answer is "until our insurance stops paying for it!". We do it every 3 months and Jeff and I are able to take turns taking him in. If he is in town then Jeff will do it, and if not, then off I go to Duke at 5, 6, or 7 am! fun times....

Here is Anderson getting ready to head back for his procedure. He's sleepy, we had to leave the house at 6:30am. Its now about 9:45, oh yes we had to wait 2 hours before it was our turn to get prepped. Poor guy, couldn't eat or drink anything before his procedure. he's a champ

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chaos ...

We went to a friend's house for dinner tonight. Us and 12 other adults and 12 other children! These poor people! They have a 5 month old little girl, so I don't think they were quite ready for all of us, but bless them, they were so relaxed about all the mess and chaos. And even better, it was mostly little boys. 10 little boys and 2 little girls!

Here is Parker eating a cupcake. He was loving it! He doesn't normally get to eat the frosting b/c of his milk allergy but Pillsbury makes a frosting with no milk products in it. Its a weird allergy b/c he can eat "heated" cheese - pizza, quesadillas, grilled cheese and stuff like that. Funny. But Parker LOVES that frosting!

Toward the end of the evening the kids saw all the Dads watching "Incredibles" so they all snuggled down.

Look how cute Anderson is with his friend Ryann...aren't they cute!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

4 Year Old Wisdom

Last Monday night we found a house that we were really interested in. We walked through it on Tuesday and put an offer in that evening. It was THE PERFECT house for us. It was huge and more room than I would ever need. It had everything we are looking for and what we want in our next house. And the best part of it all is that it is a foreclosure. Well, the bank decided to play a guessing game with us and wouldn't ever tell us if we were close or they wouldn't counter offer. So frustrating. On Wednesday, we put in our 4th offer and tonight we found out the bank accepted a different buyer's offer! So frustrating! Even more so b/c we were like 1% away from asking price! duh! Its been a sad and bummer of an evening for us.

Anderson summed it best for us. He said tonight "Jesus did not want us to get the house. He wanted someone else to have it. We have too much stuff" What a wise little guy!

(This is a picture of the house we were looking at)

"______, ______, Let it all Out!"

I'm taking a page out of my friend Keila's blog. Take this quiz to see how you add up to 80's music. I suck! I'm embarrassed to say what I scored, but I'll tell you anyway...13 points and that is with the bonus points! I knew all the songs after I saw my score! I'm pathetic...


Parker likes to 'dump' all his food and snacks out of the bowl or plate. It usually ends up on the table or floor. He also loves to put food in random places. Which means I should be keeping an eagle on him so I don't find the food when it begins to smell. This morning I found 100 cheerios in a train. Doesn't he look so proud of his newest accomplishment? Oh yes, we haven't put pants on yet... Time to get the vacuum out, b/c not only does he like to dump them out, but he loves to ride over the cheerios with his riding toys.
Currently there are cheerios all over the floor. He has decided to take the spoon and distribute them all over the family room. In case you haven't figured it out yet, but Parker is a grazer. He eats all day long and goes from food to food.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Please STOP time

I am sitting here in the dark, its 11:45pm and I'm tired and a bit sentimental at this moment. I'm not ready for my boys to grow up. Anderson is growing so fast. Its fun to have a conversation with him and to laugh. I love to hear him say "oh, silly o'mom!" And when he kisses me goodnight and just jumps on top of me and gives me like 10 kisses all at the same time! Its awesome!

Today, I found out that he was pushed into a mud puddle at school. Now I really try hard to be a good parent and not be one of those! I taught 5th grade for 7 years so I try hard to not be nit picky. So for 2 years, I have established a good relationship with the director and office personnel at school. I have not called to complain about a child or teacher (until today). I asked the teacher assistant if Anderson did anything to provoke the child and she said no, that he just decided to push Anderson out of the way. Well this same child, who let's call "dennis", has told Anderson that he "hates him" and seems to always be hitting and pushing my boy. Now, I realize that my child is not innocent and so I always make sure that Anderson did nothing to instigate it.

When I got home I talked it over with my DH and he said we should talk to the director and let them know that this is really starting to affect our poor kid. He doesn't want to go to school. he is clinging to me every time I drop him off (this just started a month ago). And he is pretending to be sick all the time. Not good. So after speaking with the director, I feel better. For one, "dennis" and Anderson will not be in the same class next year, and they are taking action. I really like this school so I don't want to pull him out or anything.

Why am I dealing with this at such a young age! ARG! I was thinking I had at least 3-5 more years! I feel bad for this kid too, b/c when you are this young, there is something else going on, much deeper.

I feel that Anderson is still innocent and I want him to stay that way, just a little bit longer.

Most times I get frustrated that Parker is not speaking yet, but I love it at the same time, b/c he just looks at you with those eyes and that smile and it just makes me melt! And when he runs and laughs, it just eats you up inside! So someone please tell me how to freeze time, I'm afraid if I move too fast or blink my kids will be graduating high school! I'm not ready!

I have become ONE OF THOSE....

In preparation to our trip to Disney I decided to purchase a "leash" for Parker. He is very fast and I know with all the crowds he can get lost very quickly. I remember as a teenager you would see these moms walking around with their child on a leash! Of course, being the wise teen that I was, I could not believe that any parent would do something so harsh, mean and cruel to their child. These days you can get something that doesn't look so much like a leash. The older version was just that a leash that you tied around the child's wrist. Now they sell a "harness" in the deception of a backpack. And of course it looks all cute with some cute animal as the backpack. I am sure he will hate it and throw a fit, so I guess we will have to dome trial runs around the house and in other safe places.

Having your child wear a leash in Disney is probably the only place on earth where it is accepted and no one will judge you. There are many children Parker's age running around Disney with some form of a leash. DH's idea is to really get a dog leash and hook it to the belt DON'T THINK SO! I might get called by DSS!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Anderson's kid's choir, "Hands, Hearts and Voices" sang today in service. It was sooo cute! Anderson actually sang too! He did the hand motions and everything. I was so proud.

here is a picture of me and Anderson with my present he picked out. Its a board game. We played it too!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Blogging Lingo

So I am in my mid 30's and so m y friends make fun of me that I blog and facebook etc... So of course many of them don't know all the lingo...So here is a short list for my friends:

DH = Dearest/Darling husband
DS = Dearest Son
DD = Dearest Daughter
LOL = Laugh Out Loud

I think that is all I can think of. I mostly use DH...

But for all you newbies to net lingo here is a great website for you to check out.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My DH is out of town and I stayed up til 3am watching a movie: "JOHN Q". Oh yes, I had already seen this movie, but I was sucked in deep! I woke up to Anderson around 7am-ish...that was fun. Then it all snowballed after that!

1. Parker wouldn't stop crying from 8:30 - 11:30-ish. He would have 5 min of silent and then he would go at it again. It was horrible! The poor guy really wanted to go outside but it was raining. He just didn't get it. I was just sitting around waiting for him to throw up, since that is what he does when he doesn't get his way! I think his 2 years molar are coming in, but maybe that is my excuse to give him some drugs, ah I mean tylenol. Hey, my grandma said that Tylenol fixed everything! Even if you were bleeding from your eyeball she would tell you to take some Tylenol...

2. Jeff was faxing and emailing me some paperwork that I needed to fill out, and then it happened...

3. My computer's hard drive crashed b/c it got corrupted, why? oh b/c Parker decided to power down my computer while I was on it. Thankfully my dad is a retired IBM'er and he was able to help me out. Phew!

4. I moved up to the bonus/play room where Parker continued to scream. I needed to fax and scan some items...and then the cherry on top happened...

ANDERSON PEED ON THE FLOOR! Ah! on the carpet. But did he run to the nearest bathroom, NO! He just proceeded to stand there on the carpet and keep pee-ing! poor guy. He never never has accidents. So here I was, with the big one crying b/c he peed on the carpet and then on the bathroom, and the little screaming and crying b/c I wouldn't sit next to him and play and do whatever he wanted to do!

What a fun morning? How was yours?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Nothing more needs to be said....

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Anderson is the king of excuses when it comes to bedtime.

*"I have to go poopy (or pee)"
*"I forgot something"
*"I need some water"
*"I found this" (microscopic piece of lint)
*"You forgot to ... (fill in the blank)"
*"Sleeping is not my favorite thing" to which I reply "Its mommy's favorite"

Tonight we received the best though...

"My bed is not strong enough to hold me" so Jeff told him to sleep on the floor...


A few months ago, we took the baby gate off of the top of our stairs. Parker has really gotten good at going down the stairs so we figured we could take it off and put it away. Well, we had this piece of wood that was helping keep the gate in position. Anderson decided to make some kind of 'threshold' for himself. Everyday, he makes sure it is in the correct position. The funniest thing is this, in chinese culture the higher the threshold, the more important and influential you were. So many of the emperors had a very high threshold. When Anderson was first born, we would call him "little emperor" So all that talk really got to his head. If Parker knocks it down or picks it up, Anderson will make sure it gets put back in its correct position. "bow to the emporer!"


Our polling place is a block away. So this afternoon, I put the boys in the stroller and off we went. Anderson loves to go vote with me. His job is to put the ballot in the "sucker" thing. Don't know the technical name for it. And of course the sticker is the big hit. Its just a 5-10 min walk, so in theory its a good idea, but by the time I got home, I was hot and sweaty...ugh! (btw, this pic is not to endorse Hillary, but I didn't recognize a lot of the other names that had signs up)

So go out and vote! Every vote counts. This morning I sat at my computer with my coffee and did all my research on who I wanted to vote for, in regards to governor, lt. governor, and judges.

Parker is showing me his "I VOTED" sticker...


Parker LOVES LOVES strawberries so I thought a fun outing for strawberry picking would be a blast. I got the boys and myself all dressed for grubby-ness. I had all these great hopes of really funny pictures of Parker covered in strawberries and goo! He was all excited about it. We brought along some buckets, I applied sunscreen and was ready for the adventure. Parker could not wait to get started! As soon as we stepped into our designated row, the fun STOPPED!

He sat there and cried and cried and cried the rest of the time. I had to hold him the whole time. He just was a miserable creature. He had snot running all down his face. I thought he might throw up, due to the fact that he throws up when he doesn't get his way. He did not, phew! Anderson enjoyed it a little bit, but I think it was too dirty for him. I am too anal when it comes to picking. The berries have to be PERFECT in every way. No bruising, no yellow or white or green. So thus, it takes me a long time to pick.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Playset building - The adventure continues....

Day 2 of the Playset-ology

We got home around 11:00 from church this morning and began working on the playset. It was crazy! We got it all organized and started the process. The sun was blazing and there was no breeze like yesterday. After today we all got some nice sunburns... We worked til 8pm today. So after 9 hours working on this monstrosity we are 80% done. All that is left is the swing bar and the swings and the rope ladder. But for now, the boys can play on it. We do have to add the finishing touches to it, like the steering wheel and the telescope. Overall it can be played on, which was the goal of it today. I'm not thrilled with the thought of it being covered in spiders, but I will probably spray it down before we leave for vacation. Poor Parker was getting so mad all day. He didn't nap super well, and I'm sure its because he knew what was going on. He kept wanting to climb up the ladder, and then when we got the rock wall in, he was going after that. He was freaking my mom out b/c he would get inside the playhouse part of it and she would think he was going to fall out! My dad came over around 1:30 and stayed til 8ish and worked like a champ.

Well, due to the playhouse construction, my house is a pit. We had friends over for dinner on Friday night and the clean dishes (thankfully) are still out and my dishwasher is still loaded with clean dishes. My laundry is very behind and who knows what else I have failed to do. Oh yes, I was just reminded in an email that I have to bring a meal to 2 families. I like to sign up for meals for several families (if needed) on the same day. Its not that much more work and I just have to deliver it. I told my friend who organizes the meals for our Sunday School class that she better remind me tomorrow too! I know I will forget. Good thing I always make the same meal for everyone...

To see more pics of this playset go to my flickr.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

PH.D in Playset-ology

Did you know you needed a PH.D to put together a playset? And more than likely, one to put together the instructions? This is serious work!

So I have been bugging my DH to get a playset for the boys. Parker begs and begs in his own 'non verbal' way. He grabs my hand and pulls me to any door that leads outside. He is whining and crying and pretty much begging me to take him outside. When we come back home, I have to park the car in the garage, turn off the car, and then close the garage door before getting Parker out of the car. If not, he will make a bee line to the driveway and I have to pick him up in the football hold to get him back inside. Now before you all think I am a horrible mother, I only do this, if it is close to his nap time. Anderson is starting to be a couch potato at the good 'ol ripe age of 4.5 and he loves to be outside also, not as much as his little brother, but he loves to ride his bike and draw with chalk.

There is this rockin playset at Costco (one of my top 3 places that I L-O-V-E to shop at! I get the best deals there and they have the BEST STUFF, but that is a whole other blog) that I have been eye-ing for several years. It comes out in January and is for sale through the summer. It is awesome! After soccer (which was another terrible session, the ball actually landed on top of Anderson's feet and he did nothing) we went to Costco and purchased this monstrous beast! This is when the fun began.

A note to add on all this, DH has a good ole sinus infection. Oh yes, I have been listening to what I call "snarfling" for a few days - GROSS! He claims he is trying to get all the congestion out of his throat/sinuses! STILL GROSS ...but I don't want to complain since he purchased and slaved over getting this playset.... but I digress (as usual)

The first thing you need to do, is open all the boxes (6 total, and large boxes they are) and organize all the wood and nuts and bolts. This took over an hour. There were like a thousand pieces to this thing. Our entire driveway was lined with wood and of course they aren't all labeled. My wonderful dad came over to help and our good friend Tim. Our other friend Mike, conveniently went out of town. He is the one we could of really used! He is a master carpenter. As you can tell by the pictures, it is a huge undertaking! You seriously need a PH.D to do this project. There is a very detailed direction sheet. Thankfully, we had great help and great weather.

Of course, the boys needed to help, so here are our big helpers...

So, after 5 hours, the men finished Steps 1-4...only 31 left to go! woohoo.... There was a lot of leveling and re-doing, mainly because of the fact that our backyard is not level, so that made it even more exciting! You get 2 engineers and a master accountant, you get a lot of precision! (that sounded like the intro to a bad joke...

Stay tuned, for more updates on the process of the playset. For now, my garage smells like cedar...hhmmm so good!