Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chaos ...

We went to a friend's house for dinner tonight. Us and 12 other adults and 12 other children! These poor people! They have a 5 month old little girl, so I don't think they were quite ready for all of us, but bless them, they were so relaxed about all the mess and chaos. And even better, it was mostly little boys. 10 little boys and 2 little girls!

Here is Parker eating a cupcake. He was loving it! He doesn't normally get to eat the frosting b/c of his milk allergy but Pillsbury makes a frosting with no milk products in it. Its a weird allergy b/c he can eat "heated" cheese - pizza, quesadillas, grilled cheese and stuff like that. Funny. But Parker LOVES that frosting!

Toward the end of the evening the kids saw all the Dads watching "Incredibles" so they all snuggled down.

Look how cute Anderson is with his friend Ryann...aren't they cute!

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Jenna said...

Hey- we snuggled in and watched the Incredibles last night too! :)

That DOES sounds like chaos- but the good kind! :)