Sunday, May 25, 2008

Disney - Day 1

We love Disney! We have an annual pass and this is our 4th trip since Sept 07. Its great! We are here for the week and then we will head to Hilton Head Island with the Davis family.

We left our house at 3am on Sat and it takes about 9 hours to get here. Its the best way to travel with the boys, since Parker is not a fan of the car, so middle of the night travelling is the best. Parker also doesn't like to travel. He doesn't sleep well when we are not at home and he doesn't usually eat. Not a good member of the family since the rest of us love to travel! We decided to pack his crib mattress and we found a great spot for him to sleep, in the closet! This is nothing new for us, since Anderson used to sleep in his pack and play all the time in either the bathroom of hotels or the closet.

We are staying at Saratoga Springs Resort on Disney property and its one of our favorite places to stay. It is a 1bedroom condo unit with a full kitchen and an actual bedroom. DH's brother, Matt and his wife, Kelley are coming on Tuesday to stay until Sat. We are very excited to see them! This is a picture of Parker sleeping in his bedroom/closet at the resort.

Its become sort of a tradtion for us to eat at Raglan Road on our first night here. Its an Irish restaurant at Downtown Disney. They have some of the best food around and they have this awesome band that starts playing around 9pm at night. This is Parker's first experience with the band. Anderson absolutely loves the band! We will wait longer for a table if we can get it in the main room to be near the band. Its great entertainment. And they have an Irish dancer that will do a few numbers on a table in the middle of the dining room. The boys love her! The boys stay out sooo late when we are here. So after I vented all about those crazy parents keeping the kids out late at Duran Duran, Jeff brought up last night I was doing the same thing. Its not the same - we are Disney, everyone else is doing it too! :) right????

Parker has been soooo excited to see the buses all over the place. He keeps saying "bus,bus,bus,bus"...but once we get on the bus, its all over. He feels the freedom and just wants to run around all over the place. its hard to contain him on the bus. Jeff actually got off at the first stop at the resort so he could walk back with Parker.

We had our first day at Animal Kingdom today. We went and said hello to all the characters, saw the Lion King show and did the Safari ride. Parker hated the characters and Anderson was considerably shy with them, very unusual for him. Normally he would at least give them a fist pump or high fives.

Its nap time at the moment and I'm at the McDonalds down the street (free wifi). Not sure what we are doing tonight, but Anderson has a few requests - golf ball or the big hat (that would be Epcot or Hollywood Studios/MGM).

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Jenna said...

Oh, I SO wish I was there!! That looks lke SO much fun. Poor Parker- sleeping in the closet. Although, he doesn't seem to mind a bit!

Glad you are having a great vacation!! :)