Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Anderson is the king of excuses when it comes to bedtime.

*"I have to go poopy (or pee)"
*"I forgot something"
*"I need some water"
*"I found this" (microscopic piece of lint)
*"You forgot to ... (fill in the blank)"
*"Sleeping is not my favorite thing" to which I reply "Its mommy's favorite"

Tonight we received the best though...

"My bed is not strong enough to hold me" so Jeff told him to sleep on the floor...


A few months ago, we took the baby gate off of the top of our stairs. Parker has really gotten good at going down the stairs so we figured we could take it off and put it away. Well, we had this piece of wood that was helping keep the gate in position. Anderson decided to make some kind of 'threshold' for himself. Everyday, he makes sure it is in the correct position. The funniest thing is this, in chinese culture the higher the threshold, the more important and influential you were. So many of the emperors had a very high threshold. When Anderson was first born, we would call him "little emperor" So all that talk really got to his head. If Parker knocks it down or picks it up, Anderson will make sure it gets put back in its correct position. "bow to the emporer!"


Keila said...

so freakin' funny. your boys crack me up!!

Naomi said...

how in the world do you know so much about chinese culture? i'm shocked! and seth slept on the floor last night too. he didn't tell us the bed wasn't strong enough, but we found him there. i guess it's a family thing.

Cousin MW said...

I remember when you used to tell us that he loved going to bed and would wave and say good night (in Chinese) to you!