Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Hungry Like a Wolf"

Our dear friends T&M invited us to the Duran Duran concert tonight. Yes, Duran Duran from the 80's. I only knew song and recognized a few others. We had a great time. We had a large group of people that went, including my children's dentist. How funny is that? 'T' is very good friends with our boys' dentist and Dr. B is hilarious and we had a great time with Dr. B. The concert was in an outdoor ampitheater and the weather was perfect. A little bit cool once the sun went down, but it was still comfortable. The ampitheater is very nice and we sat in the lawn section.

Several observations I made while at the Duran Duran concert.

1. Why do people insist on bringing their children to an outdoor concert where you can barely hear the person next to you? I mean CHILDREN AND BABIES! It was a school night and a few feet away there was a 7 year old boy and a 3 year old (all my guesstimates). Why??? why did you pay for 2 tickets ($35 a piece) to bring your children to a rock concert and your children are clearly not enjoying it! The older boy was reading a book and his dad made him put it away. So sad...They finally left a little after 9pm. And these people were not the only ones! why? When for the price of the 2 tickets they could of gotten a babysitter???? I just don't get it. I saw 3 year olds sitting on top of their parents shoulders at 10pm. And I saw parents with baby carriers...what???? We saw one couple with a tiny baby. Why, Why, Why? Now I sound like I'm really old.

2. Just b/c you go to a 80's concert does not mean you need to dress like one. I couldn't decide if they did it to be funny or b/c they are still in the 80's. My DH was in the latter category. He decided it would be funny to 'peg' his jeans and flip up his pink polo collar. I didn't think it was funny but he did, so be it. But I did see a woman who was trying to impersonate (and not very well) Cindy Lauper/Madonna with the lace glove and lace bicycle shorts.

3. All walks of life enjoy Duran Duran. I saw all age groups there tonight. It was a great time to people watch before the sun went down. There were grandmas, middle age, young couples, college students and teens.

4. I was at a middle school dance. There were 3 couples in front of us and everytime a slow song was sung, they would dance like 8th graders. You know with the hands around the waists and with the hands in each other pockets.

5. I had no business being there. I could only sing to one of the songs.

I still enjoyed being there with our friends. It was fun to get out and have a night out with out the kids. But it did feel weird to be out on a Wednesday night (now I am really old!)

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