Monday, May 12, 2008

I have become ONE OF THOSE....

In preparation to our trip to Disney I decided to purchase a "leash" for Parker. He is very fast and I know with all the crowds he can get lost very quickly. I remember as a teenager you would see these moms walking around with their child on a leash! Of course, being the wise teen that I was, I could not believe that any parent would do something so harsh, mean and cruel to their child. These days you can get something that doesn't look so much like a leash. The older version was just that a leash that you tied around the child's wrist. Now they sell a "harness" in the deception of a backpack. And of course it looks all cute with some cute animal as the backpack. I am sure he will hate it and throw a fit, so I guess we will have to dome trial runs around the house and in other safe places.

Having your child wear a leash in Disney is probably the only place on earth where it is accepted and no one will judge you. There are many children Parker's age running around Disney with some form of a leash. DH's idea is to really get a dog leash and hook it to the belt DON'T THINK SO! I might get called by DSS!

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~stevesgurl~ said...

I have nothing against leashes. I have thought about one for Josiah, especially now that I have to carry Zoe in the carrier, and the diaper bag, and anything else too....It would help keep track of him!!

You and all your crazy trips to Disney! Someday we will have to go at the same time! :)