Saturday, May 31, 2008


Yep, as my friend Stephani told me, I was MIA since my last post. After my BIL and his wife arrived, we were so busy. They are so great! We love them! It was fun to see them with the boys and just running with them, playing with them in the parks and at the pool. We stayed at Saratoga Springs on Disney property and their pool is spectacular. So we actually had some days where we only went to the parks for 1/2 a day or none at all and just went swimming and hung out at Downtown Disney. Earle of Sandwich is THE BEST sandwich place in the whole wide world and its in downtown Disney. I ate there 3x this trip. You can't go wrong.... So sorry to all my fellow blog readers. I didn't mean to desert you but, I had no connection there, at least no free connection.

Our last night there, DH took Anderson out to the parks around 6:30pm. They hit Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Magic Kingdom all via bus and monorail. He was out til 12:30am and had a blast. Ate ice cream at midnight and enjoyed a night out with dad. We definitely paid for it today when we were roaming all over Animal Kingdom, but we agreed it was worth it.

I'm such a bad mom b/c I sorta tricked Anderson into going on the Roarin Rapids ride today at Animal Kingdomo. He hated it! As soon as he got wet, he started the meltdown and crying. Apparently he and Kelley were sitting in the section where you get the most! But what made the situation even funnier (maybe) is that I left him with Matt & Kelley, while Jeff, Parker and I went back to the resort to pack up the stuff. What troopers. Anderson loves his Kelley! He calls her SumSum Kelley (means wife of younger brother on dad's side). He rode every ride with her, sat next to her in the car, on the bus, in the shows, at every meal, and only wanted her to catch him at the bottom of the slide at the pool. It was fun. Poor Matty was feeling neglected b/c Parker was all about Kelley too! Sorry Matt!

Well, I'm too lazy to get the camera out of the car tonight, so maybe i'll get around to posting some pics on my blog and on my flickr site.

We arrived tonight to Hilton Head Island, SC where the FIL, MIL and SIL will be joining us tomorrow afternoon. They haven't seen the boys since Thanksgiving so we are all excited to see them! Anderson can't wait. Parker won't know what is going on, but he adjusts so quickly and just loves on everyone, that it won't be a problem. And HALLELUJAH! there is free wireless here at the Barony Beach Club....all last week, I felt like I had lost a limb without being able to check my email and post pics and blogs. My DH and I are sitting here in the family room at 1am being nerds on the computer and just doing nothing. We are nerds with love....

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