Thursday, May 1, 2008


You know it! :) This morning Anderson asked if we could have pancakes this morning for breakfast and I was feeling lazy and tired and didn't really feel like laboring over pancakes of love. So I told him that if he ate a banana he could have the rest of the finger jello (our friends brought over the other night for dessert). I did add the "its just a special treat" thing, so he ate the banana, (Parker had already eaten a banana and 2 tangelos by now) and then we ate Finger Jello! BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS
(Anderson wouldn't get in the picture)

Another funny thing that happened to me this morning...

I went into Parker's room this morning and he was undressed! He had unzipped his jammies (he was wearing footies, its cold here!) halfway and gotten out of them. He is a magician!

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