Saturday, May 3, 2008

PH.D in Playset-ology

Did you know you needed a PH.D to put together a playset? And more than likely, one to put together the instructions? This is serious work!

So I have been bugging my DH to get a playset for the boys. Parker begs and begs in his own 'non verbal' way. He grabs my hand and pulls me to any door that leads outside. He is whining and crying and pretty much begging me to take him outside. When we come back home, I have to park the car in the garage, turn off the car, and then close the garage door before getting Parker out of the car. If not, he will make a bee line to the driveway and I have to pick him up in the football hold to get him back inside. Now before you all think I am a horrible mother, I only do this, if it is close to his nap time. Anderson is starting to be a couch potato at the good 'ol ripe age of 4.5 and he loves to be outside also, not as much as his little brother, but he loves to ride his bike and draw with chalk.

There is this rockin playset at Costco (one of my top 3 places that I L-O-V-E to shop at! I get the best deals there and they have the BEST STUFF, but that is a whole other blog) that I have been eye-ing for several years. It comes out in January and is for sale through the summer. It is awesome! After soccer (which was another terrible session, the ball actually landed on top of Anderson's feet and he did nothing) we went to Costco and purchased this monstrous beast! This is when the fun began.

A note to add on all this, DH has a good ole sinus infection. Oh yes, I have been listening to what I call "snarfling" for a few days - GROSS! He claims he is trying to get all the congestion out of his throat/sinuses! STILL GROSS ...but I don't want to complain since he purchased and slaved over getting this playset.... but I digress (as usual)

The first thing you need to do, is open all the boxes (6 total, and large boxes they are) and organize all the wood and nuts and bolts. This took over an hour. There were like a thousand pieces to this thing. Our entire driveway was lined with wood and of course they aren't all labeled. My wonderful dad came over to help and our good friend Tim. Our other friend Mike, conveniently went out of town. He is the one we could of really used! He is a master carpenter. As you can tell by the pictures, it is a huge undertaking! You seriously need a PH.D to do this project. There is a very detailed direction sheet. Thankfully, we had great help and great weather.

Of course, the boys needed to help, so here are our big helpers...

So, after 5 hours, the men finished Steps 1-4...only 31 left to go! woohoo.... There was a lot of leveling and re-doing, mainly because of the fact that our backyard is not level, so that made it even more exciting! You get 2 engineers and a master accountant, you get a lot of precision! (that sounded like the intro to a bad joke...

Stay tuned, for more updates on the process of the playset. For now, my garage smells like cedar...hhmmm so good!

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Lisa said...

I think you need a third engineer to help you put it together. UJ would enjoy it!!