Monday, May 12, 2008

Please STOP time

I am sitting here in the dark, its 11:45pm and I'm tired and a bit sentimental at this moment. I'm not ready for my boys to grow up. Anderson is growing so fast. Its fun to have a conversation with him and to laugh. I love to hear him say "oh, silly o'mom!" And when he kisses me goodnight and just jumps on top of me and gives me like 10 kisses all at the same time! Its awesome!

Today, I found out that he was pushed into a mud puddle at school. Now I really try hard to be a good parent and not be one of those! I taught 5th grade for 7 years so I try hard to not be nit picky. So for 2 years, I have established a good relationship with the director and office personnel at school. I have not called to complain about a child or teacher (until today). I asked the teacher assistant if Anderson did anything to provoke the child and she said no, that he just decided to push Anderson out of the way. Well this same child, who let's call "dennis", has told Anderson that he "hates him" and seems to always be hitting and pushing my boy. Now, I realize that my child is not innocent and so I always make sure that Anderson did nothing to instigate it.

When I got home I talked it over with my DH and he said we should talk to the director and let them know that this is really starting to affect our poor kid. He doesn't want to go to school. he is clinging to me every time I drop him off (this just started a month ago). And he is pretending to be sick all the time. Not good. So after speaking with the director, I feel better. For one, "dennis" and Anderson will not be in the same class next year, and they are taking action. I really like this school so I don't want to pull him out or anything.

Why am I dealing with this at such a young age! ARG! I was thinking I had at least 3-5 more years! I feel bad for this kid too, b/c when you are this young, there is something else going on, much deeper.

I feel that Anderson is still innocent and I want him to stay that way, just a little bit longer.

Most times I get frustrated that Parker is not speaking yet, but I love it at the same time, b/c he just looks at you with those eyes and that smile and it just makes me melt! And when he runs and laughs, it just eats you up inside! So someone please tell me how to freeze time, I'm afraid if I move too fast or blink my kids will be graduating high school! I'm not ready!


Jenna said...

I can relate, oh, can I relate!! I had this same issue yesterday, but it is with Sawyer's older cousin. It is not good when you feel like your child is getting picked on. Sounds like you handled it well!

Quite the eclectic mix of music you have on your blog.....I feel a little schizophrenic listening to it! :)

Well, I'm in my mid-30's and I blog and am on Facebook too. I like to think that makes me hip. Probably it just makes me lame! :)

Hey- is your brother and his family ok in China? Any word? I was praying for them today!

Jenna :)

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh!!!!!!!! it doesn't get any better~! sorry. but it doesn't. i think it actually gets harder because you realize they "feel" it more. trey has a bully in his class this year too and he was told to "f off"... second grade. oh yeah... gotta love public school and growing up and everything else that comes with it. and they haven't even gone through their first crushes and heartbreaks yet. this sucks.
again... sorry.