Saturday, May 31, 2008

ReCap of Disney

A highlight to my trip! I ran into an old friend, Karyn! We were in each other's wedding and we went to Cedarville together. DH was waiting for Anderson and I to finish riding Soarin (Epcot) and he kept telling me to hurry to where he was. And I get there and there she is! I was freakin! What a fun suprise.

We like to have really good seats for the parades. So on this particular night I decided to take the turn and save our spots for the Spectro Magic parade at Magic Kingdom. It is the updated version of the Electrical Parade from years past. I parked the stroller on the curb and had a great spot! I had to wait 1.5 hours before the parade started, so Jeff took the boys for some rides. As I waited, I was walked over, my belongings were moved and people kept treating me like a rug! As if I wasn't there. Awful. It was stressin me out! My nails were gone by the time the boys arrived. I am not doing that job again!

If you can't spoil your kid with "not good for you treats" at Disney, where can you? (besides my Aunty Lisa's house, but that's for another blog!). Each afternoon, Anderson and I would take a snack break and get something nice and cold. I would have ice cream and Anderson would get some treat. Poor Parker is allergic to ice cream so we would do this during nap time. Parker had nap time around 1pm anyway, so around 3pm we had snack time... poor Parker!

Here is Parker 'buckle-ing'. If he even spies a buckle, unbuckled, WATCH OUT! It has to be buckled and since he doesn't talk much, he just says "buck, buck" and he tries his hardest to buckle it together. This is a good ploy to keep him occupied for a good bit. At meals, we can keep him busy trying to buckle his high chair and then we unbuckle and then the cycle starts all over again. its great! While at Disney, he ran over to someone else's stroller and started to buckle their stroller. Luckily we were at Disney where 99% of the people there are super friendly and don't care if your children are acting weird or wild! Perfect for me since my children are both of those 99% of the time! So this nice family thought it was hilarious that Parker kept going back to their stroller trying to buckle it. What a funny kid.

Anderson was selected to be part of the "Festival of the Lion King" show at Animal Kingdom. When we were there last September he was asked to take part, but of course "super mom" had dead batteries in her camera! So when he was selected this year, I was ready! Uncle/SookSook (in chinese) Matt went out on the stage with him and he helped lead our section in the Elephant sound. It was really cute and he did a great job! We saw the show earlier in the week and Anderson was devastated we weren't sitting in the elephant section. We had seen the show 4x prior and each time we always sit in the elephant section. So, my son being the particular child that he is, was complaining the first 15 min that we were in the Lion section and not the elephant. When we went back with Matt & Kel, we were sure to sit in the elephants, phew!

Here is Anderson with his Matt & Kelley! He loves his SookSook Matt and SumSum Kelley (that's their names in Chinese). He had to ride every ride with Kelley! Matt & I bonded since we rode the rides together. (of course, Parker is napping during most of this)

For almost 3 years, I've been trying to get Anderson to run through these and he always says no. He doesn't like to get wet unless he is supposed to. So that night, I ask and he says yes! Only if Matt does it with him though. So it bit me in the butt and here they are running through it. Anderson didn't get too wet, but Matt got soaked! sorry Matt...

It's 9:30pm. We are at Downtown Disney (this is when Jeff and Anderson did there 6pm - 12mdnght trek through 3 parks) and I was trying to get a few more things and Parker would have none of it, until I said, "do you want any candy?". So he is having a mickey lollipop, who wouldn't be happy after that!

Parker would not get near the pool before leaving for Disney. After the first day at Disney he became a fish. Disney is magical and I am sure that is what happens. There is a certain magic you experience and Parker got it! He loved the pool and was so excited to go swimming. At home, he would put up a fight if we tried to get his bathing suit on. Here, we couldn't get it on fast enough. He even went down the little slide they have for toddlers. He was so mad he couldn't go down the bigger water slide that Anderson was zipping down. Parker was so good at getting his face wet and being dunked. What a champ! This picture is of Parker with Matt at the pool. I think I abused my kids with the camera. Neither one of them will look at the camera anymore....

On our way out of Disney - Before we even got on the highway....

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