Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Parker LOVES LOVES strawberries so I thought a fun outing for strawberry picking would be a blast. I got the boys and myself all dressed for grubby-ness. I had all these great hopes of really funny pictures of Parker covered in strawberries and goo! He was all excited about it. We brought along some buckets, I applied sunscreen and was ready for the adventure. Parker could not wait to get started! As soon as we stepped into our designated row, the fun STOPPED!

He sat there and cried and cried and cried the rest of the time. I had to hold him the whole time. He just was a miserable creature. He had snot running all down his face. I thought he might throw up, due to the fact that he throws up when he doesn't get his way. He did not, phew! Anderson enjoyed it a little bit, but I think it was too dirty for him. I am too anal when it comes to picking. The berries have to be PERFECT in every way. No bruising, no yellow or white or green. So thus, it takes me a long time to pick.


Keila said...

is it really strawberry picking time already?!! no wonder i miss it every year!

Jenna said...

GREAT! I was going to take my kids too for the same reason (they LOVE strawberries), but maybe that isn't the best idea? Why was Parker so upset? Poor kid (and poor mama)!