Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yes, I love "HELLO KITTY"

I updated my drab layout.....

All my friends tell me that I am really 13yrs old. Not just b/c I look close to 15 or 16 (although my hairdresser told me yesterday that I'm starting to turn grey! ah!) but b/c I love all the things that 13 yr old girls love!

1. Hello Kitty! love it!
2. HSM - or High School Musical to all you 'grownups'. I have both of the CD's and even had a party at my house for other friends who like it (not fanatics like me) when the sequel came out on TV. Their soundtracks are great driving music. Anderson even likes to listen to it too! Never too young to brainwash.
3. Hannah Montana! I watch her show almost everynight at 11:30 (preceded by "the Suite Life of Zach & Cody)
4. Jonas Brothers - I was soooo excited when they were on Oprah last week! woohoo! I love the Jonas Brothers, I even have their CD. They love Jesus....

In fact, since i am of the smaller size I am able to wear 'tween' shirts of High School Musical! woohoo! And I even have the music playing right now. One of my friends got me a custom shirt a couple Christmas' ago. I love it!

Its clean and cheesy and its better than some of the other stuff on TV (with the exception of Grey's Anatomy!)


Jenna said...

UM, could you explain why none of this came up in the "explain three random things about yourself" assignment? This would have fit perfectly! I might have to stop reading your blog- I'm learning WAY too much about you! :)

Very cute "Hello Kitty" theme! :) I'm not 13, and I still like it!

Naomi said...

wow mav! i feel like i don't even know you. not that i'm much older than 13 (according to your blog). how come i never got a HSM2 party invite? i totally woulda been there!

Keila said...

uh, yeah... i'm with them. i had no idea. i gotta say i'm diggin' the pink though.
so... are you trying to tell me to pull the stick out of my butt and let my 6 (will be 7 in 3 weeks) year old be obsessed with HSM? UGHH!!!!!!!!!!