Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sorry to be MIA

Wow! so much has happened since my last blog!

Here are some bullet points from this past week!

Another great souvenir from China. Its hilarious! My aunt received it, only b/c we thought it was funny and she would get a kick out of it! (oh yes, my aunt came from AZ for a visit!) Why do you need a nose that is more pointed? So you can look more western (like white americans).

"In order to make your little nose more clearer, more beautiful and full of happiness, this product is necessary for your nose!"

Here is cutie Samantha in an outfit I bought for her! We have already gone shoe shopping. There is a super cute kids shoe store and everytime I go in, I am oogling over the girlie shoes. So this was my opportunity to feed the love of shoes!

Of course, we had to go to Costco! Anderson was so cute as the "big" cousin. He was lovin all over Samantha. She let him hold her hand, and she doesn't hold anyone's hand!

One night, Samantha was sooo tired at dinner that she fell asleep at the table! Such a cutie.

Parker and Samantha have a good time playing together. Samantha is used to playing with boys, so she holds her own with mine!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Souvenirs from China

My brother and his wife and daughter arrived yesterday from China. They are teachers over there and are home for the summer. When they come home, they always have the best stuff to give as presents. Its very fun stuff! The boys get fun toys and I get "Hello Kitty" stuff. Its great! This year I hit the jackpot! I got the coolest mug (apparently its a regift, but I don't care!), its what they call a tea mug in China. They are not addicted to their coffee like we are here in the States. They have tea in the morning, noon and night. This mug came with a nifty top and a ceramic spoon, but I only have use for the mug. The other mug has all the Fuwas or "Friendlies" on it. They are the Summer Olympic mascots. They are the coolest. I was in China (Beijing) spring of 07 and I stocked up on some great Fuwa stuff. They brought back this super cool mug for me.

And the coolest present I got so far is this... Its Hello Kitty feminine products! Need I say more???

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman (SCC) is one of my all time favorite musicians. He is a bit "old school", but he loves God with every fiber of his body, you can tell. He is a talented songwriter and singer. He has 3 grown children and adopted 3 from China. As many of you heard, on May 21st he lost his daughter, Maria, to a tragic auto accident at his home. She was hit by a car driven by one of her brothers, backing out of their driveway. She was 5 years old.

I have been grieving and praying for this family. I feel like I know them, in a non cheesy way just through his songs. It grieves me to think of losing one of my own precious boys and to even imagine what they are going through, I can't even imagine. What makes it even more tragic, was that very day, their oldest child, Emily, got engaged that very day. On her blog, there is a picture of her on that day with her ring and this giant grin. I've been reading "HOUSE MIX" mix blog for the past few weeks. Jim Houser, (a fellow Cedarville grad) is his manager and communicator and very close personal friend to the Chapman family. He is grieving as well and is trying to minister and help them get through this time. Its awful!

All that to say, is that I am encouraging all of you to pray and to remember their family. Its is only be prayer that we can get through these horrible events. Every time I hear one of his songs on the radio, that is what I do.

The Chapmans have not publicly spoken about the event and all concerts have been cancelled until July 11th. Wow! can you imagine going up there to sing? To sing the song "Cinderella" that he wrote for Maria? Awful!

I am touched by their humbleness and their generousity for all by their music. The family has a center of Hope they are building in China for orphans with special needs. And to this date, b/c of the tragedy their organization has raised over $500k ... God is being honored

Monday, June 16, 2008


Since his birthday fell on Father's Day we had a little celebration for him after dinner. The boys got bathed and then we had a dessert time with a present from us, and then from his brother. We will have 2 more parties for him, but I felt we needed to do something for the kid on his actual day, even though he doesn't know it. He had a blast eating his cupcake and laughing and getting the frosting all over himself. DH actually started to bump the cupcake on his face and get the frosting all over him. At first Parker didn't like it, but then he really got into it. Funny Little Guy! I can't believe he is 2! will time not stand still for me?????


I was so proud of myself, the boys made something "crafty" for my DH It was a last minute thought, I thought of it this past week and we were going to do it on Friday but I got sick, so we did it on Saturday. I saw the idea in "Family Fun" magazine and thought it would be fun and cute for the boys. Normally, I see these ideas and think "oh cute, that would be fun" and that's about as far as I would get. Maybe I would be more "crafty" if I had girls, or if I was better at following through on stuff, probably more the latter...

Anyhow, the craft was that you take a canvas board, like the kind that painters use, and paint a solid color on it, and then have the kids paint over the solid color their own design. In theory this would be a great idea to do every year. The writer of this idea said her daughter made one every year for her DH to hang up in his office. So we headed down to Michaels and I let Anderson pick out the colors he wanted to paint. Unfortunately, the only color he was interested in, was blue! I did get him to pick brown, b/c that's his other favorite color.

I will have to post pics of the boys with their daddy holding their presents. The boys had so much fun painting. And I was able to keep the paint contained to the one area. Maybe, just maybe I'll be brave and let them do other crafts, but maybe let's not get ahead of ourselves! :)

(oh yes, Parker has a SERIOUS farmer's tan!)

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Today, Parker is 2 years old! Hard to believe that 2 years ago he was this small! wow!
And now look at him! How time flies!

Friday, June 13, 2008

I have serious issues

My DB and his wife in live in China, they have little girl and she just turned one in May. So my problem is that I have 2 boys and no girls and I LOVE TO SHOP! So since they live in China and unfortunately, the clothes there aren't all that cute. Some of it is, but not all. And again...I LOVE TO SHOP and for good deals! My DH doesn't seem to mind so much, his theory is that its cheaper for us to outift Samantha than if we had our own girl. And he knows I have to feed the habit somehow. The only way I will buy her something is that it has to be a good deal! Here is what I have bought for her in the past few months. Its anything that will fit her this summer.

There are few things that I bought for the fall and winter, since they live close to Siberia! I found a rockin good deal on a coat too! (no pic though)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Parker the Seal

Here is a video of Parker jumping into the pool at Hilton Head. Jeff has a cookie in his mouth and that is how we could get him to jump into the pool for the camera. So instead of raw fish, Parker will do it for a cookie.

I mentioned previously that before going to HHI, he would have nothing to do with the pool! He would scream and holler and not have anything to do with the water. Now, he is fearless! Its just a quick video, 12secs...

Bedtime for Birds!

Don't birds sleep too! especially when its pitch black outside!

So I'm laying in bed last night and I hear this chirping. Loud chirping and its 1:30a.m!!!! what??? I heard it a few nights back too, but didn't bother me too bad. I couldn't block it out! So I came downstairs to see if maybe they were all at the feeder or something, nope, couldn't see them. What the heck! where were they? I couldn't block them out, so I went to sleep last night with my MP3 player. Thanks the soundtrack of HSM (High School Musical to all you who don't know), I was able to fall asleep soundly.

Birds need a bedtime!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We've been Busy

I am finally getting caught up on my blogging. We've had a busy week. Its so hot that its fun to find something to do! So with it being in the 100s, we went swimming today. 4 of us got our kids together and met at one of our neighborhood pools. We are not members at ours, b/c they ask too much money! Its ridiculous, especially b/c the pool is only really open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Annual fee I think is $600 (at least that is what it was 4 years ago, so I'm sure its gone up, oh not b/c more people have moved into the neighborhood, lots of new construction, but not more pools??? hhhmm), plus there is an initiation fee. they say that you also get the tennis membership too with the pool...REALLY? why????

anyway...... We had a great time chilin' by the pool and swimming and getting out of the heat. My friend brought this flotie thing for her 1 year old son and when she took Philip out of his flotie thing, Parker was begging to get in it. Philip's legs were too big, but not Parker. I wish I had taken a picture of Philip in it to show how much he took up of the flotie and how with Parks you can fit another child in it! He is such a tiny thing, but definitely SCRAPPY!

Horseing Around

On Monday, we met up with my MOPS small group at my friend Kelly's horse barn. All of our kids took turns riding a horse. Parker of course was all about it. You couldn't get him on that horse fast enough.

Anderson was very timid about it. After seeing Parker do it, then he was all over it, but of course, I had to ride with him. He had seen all of the other kids do it without a parent, but he doesn't care. I guess that is a good thing for 10years down the road! :) I'm thinking he is one I definitely don't have to worry about in the peer pressure category. He doesn't care what everyone else is doing, if he doesn't want to do it, there is no way you are going to get that kid to do anything! (sounds like his momma!).

When we were done riding, we brought the horse back into the stable and she let the kids take turns spraying him down. Well, good thing Parker was last b/c he would not let go of that hose! He was holding on for dear life!

Kelly was so sweet and told us to bring carrots and apples for the horses, so I brought a bag of each. We stayed and fed the horses. They loved it! (the kiddies and the horses) Parker kept wanting to do more, he had so much! Anderson is such an animal lover...

Parker the boater!

Ever since we have gotten home, its been over 100 degrees. Boy, have I been grouchy! I can't get from my car to the house or anywhere inside without sweating. I think I could bake bread in my car! so hot! Its miserable, I feel it and most likely look it. The weather finally cooled off a bit today. It only got to 92 degrees! Its practically winter. My A/C bill is going to be so high.

We had our first run on the boat for the summer! We like to go out either really early in the morning (ha!) or late in the afternoon as most people are heading off the lake. On Sat, we headed out to the lake around 5:30pm. The lake was empty! I couldn't believe it. This was Parker's official first time on the boat. He came out a few times last summer, but was really little and didn't do much but whine! He didn't like the life jacket at first, but then after he wore it for a bit it was fine. He jumped in and had a blast! He even rode the tube with his daddy. Unfortunately, his mommy had to drive and almost drowned him! awful!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Last Day of School

Today was the last day for Anderson at preschool - summer break here we come! This is Anderson with his teacher, Ms. Kathy. We love Ms. Kathy and are very sad to know that she is moving to D.C....

Friday, June 6, 2008

Final Days of Vacation

We arrived safe at home in the wee hours of this morning - 1:45am to be exact. Last minute we decided to leave HHI after dinner and head home. Its about a 5 hour drive, and Parker does so much better travelling when he can sleep, and the rest of us does better too! :) After a day at the pool we packed up the car and the condo, ate dinner with the Davis fam and headed back. We left the Island around 9pm. The Davises were flying out in the morning anyway, so it all worked out. It was nice to be at home sleeping in my own bed and having a nice day to get back into the groove and get the boys back on track.

Here is a recap of our final day at HHI...

We stayed at the Barony Beach Club, a Marriot Vacation Club (aka timeshare) site and they had activities all day long for the family. (DH found a great deal on Ebay!) This afternoon, they had a local tourist attraction bring in an alligator for everyone to see and pet. I was all over it! The boys were very excited at the idea, but not actually touching it. Parker really thought about it to the point where he reached his hand out but then literally shuttered at it. Anderson was like "NO WAY!" And of course, I had to hold it. Oh and if you look closely you can tell that the gator's mouth is held together with none other than the very secure "SCOTCH TAPE!!!"

In the end, our beach vacation turned into a Pool vacation. DH would sometimes go out to the beach during nap time, but we mostly stayed at the pool. There are 3 pools at the resort. One main one that was very busy and it had a zero entry and that is also where the pool bar was. There was also a really nice pool that tended to be a bit quieter and it was heated. I know you are thinking,, why heated in the summer? If you are asking yourself that, you must be a northerner! :) I loved it! And there was an indoor pool and several hot tubs. There also was an infant pool that was a small circle with a depth of 1ft. At the end of the week he had NO FEAR of the water. He would just jump/walk right in.

Oh yes, now that Parker has tasted the "good stuff" of carbonated beverages he makes a bee line for them anytime he sees a can laying about. No worries, this can was empty...

We had a great time with the Davises. I even got some shopping done (of course) at the outlets and it was very relaxing. It was quality family time.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fish Fobia....

Yes, I know phobia is spelled wrong, but I was keepin to the alliteration...

I don't know what it was about this inflatable fish, but Parker HATED it when anyone would get in it! He would scream for me to get out of it, no chance! I loved it. I just floated in it all day. Couldn't put my butt into it, I tried like 4x and ended up pulling something! My hamstring was so sore for a while. If Anderson was in the fish he would scream and holler...what is up with the fish!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hilton Head Island

We've had a busy few days here at The Island...

Pictures of the boys in their sleeping quarters. Where is Anderson? Parker is sleeping in the closet again..not doing so well with it. He doesn't travel well and he wakes up around 3am and has to be in the bed with us. Fun times!

The boys are more like their mother every day. They hate the sand! I HATE THE SAND. And when I say "hate" I mean HATE!!! I don't really enjoy the beach, and yes I grew up in South Florida, about 3 miles away from the beach. And I HATE THE SAND. When we do come to the beach (b/c DH LOVES THE BEACH) I get all hysterical and OC about the sand. I don't like it when it comes in and I don't like to touch it and feel it. I can't explain it well on how the sand bothers me. We've been here since Friday and I have only been to the beach once. Its sad...but my boys are really enjoying the pool a lot! Parker hates the sand, doesn't like it touching him and he doesn't like to be in it. In fact, we were at a playground with sand instead of mulch and he HATED IT! So we have been at the pools all day today. He loves the pool....

Since Anderson got the 'noodle' we can't get him off of it and out of the pool. The beach toys have turned into pool toys. Parker has really enjoyed the pool, he can't wait to go everytime! He has turned into a brown baby...he tans really well, and he is sooo cute, even with slathering on sunscreen every hour. He is my child! :)

Tonight we went to Shelter Cove and saw a great kids/family entertainer, Shannon Tanner. He sang great songs and then right on cue, when he was done the fireworks began. The fireworks were (in the words of my brother) 'weak sauce', since we just came back from Disney. The boys loved it. And again, I made a great MOM decision and gave my child SPRITE. He loved it! Parker wouldn't stop crying and I knew we would be out late with the fireworks, so I gave in! ugh...I hate it when I give in. I try not to do it all the time so when I do, I hate it! But it was funny to watch him drink it. Anderson wanted it too. At first he was like "This is not for little boys" and then after the first sip, he couldn't stop! Parker is giving his brother hugs in this picture. They really do love each least I can only assume so with all the screaming and fighting!

Monday, June 2, 2008

So Proud - of myself! hee hee

I was making this yummy chicken dish that required some bacon. My DH doesn't like it when I cook bacon in the house b/c it smells like bacon for the whole day and then some. What man doesn't like the smell of bacon! C'mon! I feel like men are like the dog in that commerical "baconbaconbacon, I WANT BACON!" So at home, I usually try and cook bacon outside on the griddle. Here at Hilton Head we don't have that luxury. We are in a condo that has a great kitchen, but of course no griddle. It just has the bare necessities. (which has me humming, bare necessities from Jungle Book - Anderson's fav song!, but i digress)

As I was getting ready to hit the pool yesterday, I came up with a great idea. Why not use the gas grill and some tin foil. I could poke holes in the tin foil for the grease to fall through. I'M A GENIUS! Our lovely resort has a communal area with a bunch of gas grills so that is where I went, with my cute little beach cooler, pack of bacon and some tin foil.

I was so proud of myself and I thought if I couldn't brag about it on my blog, where could I???

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I am old!

Here we are at Hilton Head and we had a pool day. The pool here is fabulous. There are several pools and there is a zero entry and a toddler infant pool with a fountain area. The pool was super crowded with a lot of little kids swimming around. Today there was a group of early teenage boys deciding to play a 'rousing' game of tennis (w/out a raquet). Unfortunately, they were throwing the ball at about 55mph at each other, and taking up 1/2 of the pool. I was sure they were going to hit one of my cutie boys. So, I kindly spoke to them and said "Could you boys please stop throwing the ball back and forth, I'm afraid you might hit one of the boys." (and not to mention all of the other 50 children, mostly under 8. The acne faced boy said back to me "Why don't you move your kids!" WHAT! DID HE NEED A SPANKING OR WHAT! So I said back to him "why do I need to move my kids when you boys are taking up the whole pool!" My DH came back and asked me what they said to me, so he went up to them and asked them to stop. The acne face said to him "I wasn't throwing it that hard, like 45mph, I can throw at 75mph, so I know I wasn't throw it that hard", well it didn't stop, so it became an attitude thing by now. After 3min of them continuing to pelt the ball across the pool, Jeff intercepted and took the ball away from them, and told him he was going to give it to hotel staff or a parent. It was nice for a bit, and then they found another tennis ball and started it up again! WHAT! I WANTED TO PUMMEL THEM! DH went and got security. Later I saw them playing their game at the indoor pool....

I couldn't believe how rude these boys were! The pool was full and very crowded with a lot of kids and families. were they STUPID!

On anther are some pics of the boys enjoying the beach/pool with the Davis fam....