Friday, June 6, 2008

Final Days of Vacation

We arrived safe at home in the wee hours of this morning - 1:45am to be exact. Last minute we decided to leave HHI after dinner and head home. Its about a 5 hour drive, and Parker does so much better travelling when he can sleep, and the rest of us does better too! :) After a day at the pool we packed up the car and the condo, ate dinner with the Davis fam and headed back. We left the Island around 9pm. The Davises were flying out in the morning anyway, so it all worked out. It was nice to be at home sleeping in my own bed and having a nice day to get back into the groove and get the boys back on track.

Here is a recap of our final day at HHI...

We stayed at the Barony Beach Club, a Marriot Vacation Club (aka timeshare) site and they had activities all day long for the family. (DH found a great deal on Ebay!) This afternoon, they had a local tourist attraction bring in an alligator for everyone to see and pet. I was all over it! The boys were very excited at the idea, but not actually touching it. Parker really thought about it to the point where he reached his hand out but then literally shuttered at it. Anderson was like "NO WAY!" And of course, I had to hold it. Oh and if you look closely you can tell that the gator's mouth is held together with none other than the very secure "SCOTCH TAPE!!!"

In the end, our beach vacation turned into a Pool vacation. DH would sometimes go out to the beach during nap time, but we mostly stayed at the pool. There are 3 pools at the resort. One main one that was very busy and it had a zero entry and that is also where the pool bar was. There was also a really nice pool that tended to be a bit quieter and it was heated. I know you are thinking,, why heated in the summer? If you are asking yourself that, you must be a northerner! :) I loved it! And there was an indoor pool and several hot tubs. There also was an infant pool that was a small circle with a depth of 1ft. At the end of the week he had NO FEAR of the water. He would just jump/walk right in.

Oh yes, now that Parker has tasted the "good stuff" of carbonated beverages he makes a bee line for them anytime he sees a can laying about. No worries, this can was empty...

We had a great time with the Davises. I even got some shopping done (of course) at the outlets and it was very relaxing. It was quality family time.

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~stevesgurl~ said...

Hey! It sounds like you had a great vacation. I am sure you are glad to be home. I can't wait for our pool to be finished. It should be done pretty soon. The water in it is warm already with all the hot days we have been having. :) You will definitely have to come for a swim!