Monday, June 16, 2008


I was so proud of myself, the boys made something "crafty" for my DH It was a last minute thought, I thought of it this past week and we were going to do it on Friday but I got sick, so we did it on Saturday. I saw the idea in "Family Fun" magazine and thought it would be fun and cute for the boys. Normally, I see these ideas and think "oh cute, that would be fun" and that's about as far as I would get. Maybe I would be more "crafty" if I had girls, or if I was better at following through on stuff, probably more the latter...

Anyhow, the craft was that you take a canvas board, like the kind that painters use, and paint a solid color on it, and then have the kids paint over the solid color their own design. In theory this would be a great idea to do every year. The writer of this idea said her daughter made one every year for her DH to hang up in his office. So we headed down to Michaels and I let Anderson pick out the colors he wanted to paint. Unfortunately, the only color he was interested in, was blue! I did get him to pick brown, b/c that's his other favorite color.

I will have to post pics of the boys with their daddy holding their presents. The boys had so much fun painting. And I was able to keep the paint contained to the one area. Maybe, just maybe I'll be brave and let them do other crafts, but maybe let's not get ahead of ourselves! :)

(oh yes, Parker has a SERIOUS farmer's tan!)

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