Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hilton Head Island

We've had a busy few days here at The Island...

Pictures of the boys in their sleeping quarters. Where is Anderson? Parker is sleeping in the closet again..not doing so well with it. He doesn't travel well and he wakes up around 3am and has to be in the bed with us. Fun times!

The boys are more like their mother every day. They hate the sand! I HATE THE SAND. And when I say "hate" I mean HATE!!! I don't really enjoy the beach, and yes I grew up in South Florida, about 3 miles away from the beach. And I HATE THE SAND. When we do come to the beach (b/c DH LOVES THE BEACH) I get all hysterical and OC about the sand. I don't like it when it comes in and I don't like to touch it and feel it. I can't explain it well on how the sand bothers me. We've been here since Friday and I have only been to the beach once. Its sad...but my boys are really enjoying the pool a lot! Parker hates the sand, doesn't like it touching him and he doesn't like to be in it. In fact, we were at a playground with sand instead of mulch and he HATED IT! So we have been at the pools all day today. He loves the pool....

Since Anderson got the 'noodle' we can't get him off of it and out of the pool. The beach toys have turned into pool toys. Parker has really enjoyed the pool, he can't wait to go everytime! He has turned into a brown baby...he tans really well, and he is sooo cute, even with slathering on sunscreen every hour. He is my child! :)

Tonight we went to Shelter Cove and saw a great kids/family entertainer, Shannon Tanner. He sang great songs and then right on cue, when he was done the fireworks began. The fireworks were (in the words of my brother) 'weak sauce', since we just came back from Disney. The boys loved it. And again, I made a great MOM decision and gave my child SPRITE. He loved it! Parker wouldn't stop crying and I knew we would be out late with the fireworks, so I gave in! ugh...I hate it when I give in. I try not to do it all the time so when I do, I hate it! But it was funny to watch him drink it. Anderson wanted it too. At first he was like "This is not for little boys" and then after the first sip, he couldn't stop! Parker is giving his brother hugs in this picture. They really do love each other....at least I can only assume so with all the screaming and fighting!

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Jenna said...

I love the picture of the Sprite guzzling! :)I'm living vicariously through all your fun these days! I SO need a vacation!!!