Friday, June 13, 2008

I have serious issues

My DB and his wife in live in China, they have little girl and she just turned one in May. So my problem is that I have 2 boys and no girls and I LOVE TO SHOP! So since they live in China and unfortunately, the clothes there aren't all that cute. Some of it is, but not all. And again...I LOVE TO SHOP and for good deals! My DH doesn't seem to mind so much, his theory is that its cheaper for us to outift Samantha than if we had our own girl. And he knows I have to feed the habit somehow. The only way I will buy her something is that it has to be a good deal! Here is what I have bought for her in the past few months. Its anything that will fit her this summer.

There are few things that I bought for the fall and winter, since they live close to Siberia! I found a rockin good deal on a coat too! (no pic though)


Anonymous said...

dang, auntie mavis, i have three girls... :)j/k

you do have issues, but we can just call you a generous aunt!

Jenna said...

Holy Moly- that takes the cake for best Aunt EVER! Can I hire you as a personal shopper for my kids? i HATE to shop- hate it!

By the way- I was laughing SO hard at your post on my blog about Awkward Moments! I'm glad that you were a little less gracious, because that's how I feel, but then people make me feel bad when I just want to tell someone off.

I agree with you 100% too that it is underlying racism, and that's what gets my blood absolutely boiling. I actually had a couple- actually it was the same woman that asked about "that kid in China" who asked why we would ever adopt when we can have "our own" kids and if we just HAD to adopt, why we would EVER consider adopting outside the US when there are American kids who need homes. They asked why we wouldn't just adopt some "black kid from the Bronx". Can you even imagine saying such a thing? I guess that may not be racism exactly as much as American elitism, but honestly. What do you even say to that? Needless to say, that friendship has all but evaporated, much to their surprise!

I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceburg as far as what we'll hear in the future, but it is so sad to me how ignorant and insensitive people can be!

I'm just glad that if I eventually lose my cool with someone that you'll be there to support me! :)