Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Parker the boater!

Ever since we have gotten home, its been over 100 degrees. Boy, have I been grouchy! I can't get from my car to the house or anywhere inside without sweating. I think I could bake bread in my car! so hot! Its miserable, I feel it and most likely look it. The weather finally cooled off a bit today. It only got to 92 degrees! Its practically winter. My A/C bill is going to be so high.

We had our first run on the boat for the summer! We like to go out either really early in the morning (ha!) or late in the afternoon as most people are heading off the lake. On Sat, we headed out to the lake around 5:30pm. The lake was empty! I couldn't believe it. This was Parker's official first time on the boat. He came out a few times last summer, but was really little and didn't do much but whine! He didn't like the life jacket at first, but then after he wore it for a bit it was fine. He jumped in and had a blast! He even rode the tube with his daddy. Unfortunately, his mommy had to drive and almost drowned him! awful!

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