Monday, June 2, 2008

So Proud - of myself! hee hee

I was making this yummy chicken dish that required some bacon. My DH doesn't like it when I cook bacon in the house b/c it smells like bacon for the whole day and then some. What man doesn't like the smell of bacon! C'mon! I feel like men are like the dog in that commerical "baconbaconbacon, I WANT BACON!" So at home, I usually try and cook bacon outside on the griddle. Here at Hilton Head we don't have that luxury. We are in a condo that has a great kitchen, but of course no griddle. It just has the bare necessities. (which has me humming, bare necessities from Jungle Book - Anderson's fav song!, but i digress)

As I was getting ready to hit the pool yesterday, I came up with a great idea. Why not use the gas grill and some tin foil. I could poke holes in the tin foil for the grease to fall through. I'M A GENIUS! Our lovely resort has a communal area with a bunch of gas grills so that is where I went, with my cute little beach cooler, pack of bacon and some tin foil.

I was so proud of myself and I thought if I couldn't brag about it on my blog, where could I???


Anonymous said...

bacon outside on the griddle so he doesn't have to smell it?!! you are a good woman!
your vacation updates have been hysterical!

~stevesgurl~ said...

Mmmm....chicken and bacon. Sounds like a yummy dish to me!! :)

You are very ingenious to think of such a clever way to cook the bacon out on the grill. What a chef!

Lisa said...

B.B. You are so SeeMot! You must take after your PoPo!