Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Souvenirs from China

My brother and his wife and daughter arrived yesterday from China. They are teachers over there and are home for the summer. When they come home, they always have the best stuff to give as presents. Its very fun stuff! The boys get fun toys and I get "Hello Kitty" stuff. Its great! This year I hit the jackpot! I got the coolest mug (apparently its a regift, but I don't care!), its what they call a tea mug in China. They are not addicted to their coffee like we are here in the States. They have tea in the morning, noon and night. This mug came with a nifty top and a ceramic spoon, but I only have use for the mug. The other mug has all the Fuwas or "Friendlies" on it. They are the Summer Olympic mascots. They are the coolest. I was in China (Beijing) spring of 07 and I stocked up on some great Fuwa stuff. They brought back this super cool mug for me.

And the coolest present I got so far is this... Its Hello Kitty feminine products! Need I say more???


Anonymous said...

nope... i definitely think you covered it! wow!!

Jenna said...

They think of everything, huh? That might be a bit much! :)