Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We've been Busy

I am finally getting caught up on my blogging. We've had a busy week. Its so hot that its fun to find something to do! So with it being in the 100s, we went swimming today. 4 of us got our kids together and met at one of our neighborhood pools. We are not members at ours, b/c they ask too much money! Its ridiculous, especially b/c the pool is only really open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Annual fee I think is $600 (at least that is what it was 4 years ago, so I'm sure its gone up, oh not b/c more people have moved into the neighborhood, lots of new construction, but not more pools??? hhhmm), plus there is an initiation fee. they say that you also get the tennis membership too with the pool...REALLY? why????

anyway...... We had a great time chilin' by the pool and swimming and getting out of the heat. My friend brought this flotie thing for her 1 year old son and when she took Philip out of his flotie thing, Parker was begging to get in it. Philip's legs were too big, but not Parker. I wish I had taken a picture of Philip in it to show how much he took up of the flotie and how with Parks you can fit another child in it! He is such a tiny thing, but definitely SCRAPPY!


Anonymous said...

we got suckered into the neighborhood pool non-deal thing this year... apparently the horseshoe pit is supposed to win us over if the tennis membership doesn't...
all i can say is, "thanks pres. bush for helping me boost my neighborhood pool's economy..."

Dave Heiser said...

Fun blog, Mavis! Great pictures and guys are one big party! Hello Kitty says to tone down all that pink a bit! :-)


P.S. Bluebirds have hatched! Come see our new pictures!