Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Getting Ready!

One of the things I did to "stage" my home and get it ready for showings was to de-clutter my house. What a task! Here are some pictures of my kitchen as we were de-cluttering.
this was only the beginning! That PackRat was 1/2 full with all my declutters! Remind me if I ever want to do it again. I told my DH that if anything doesn't work out with our new house, it doesn't matter, we are moving! I don't care if we live in an apt for a bit, it would be worth it!

My house is the coolest and cleanest it has ever been. It looks like a model home. Who really lives like this? Apparently, a lot of people do, just not the Davis'. I'll have to post pictures of what my house looks like right now!

Monday, July 28, 2008


First off, I will say, "why do people move???" my life has been a whirlwind of confusion, disaster, boxes and packing material for 4 days! (and I had some lost dogs in my garage for about 17 hours - see below post) craziness! thankfully, we are all set. my house is almost ready to be put on the market on Wed or Thursday, we will see. There are these fabulous cleaners here at my house all day today (til like 6pm) and painters too! They are very inexpensive so that is even more thrilling. They are cleaning today what would take me 2 weeks to do. Its awesome! I love it.

here is a picture of the "PACKRAT" we have. You can't fit one more of anything in that box. It is being picked up tomorrow and brought to a storage facility.

So I get to take a break today, I'm sitting on my porch swing while they clean (the chemicals are very strong!). In a little bit, I'm off to meet the inspector and my realtor at our new home. Yea! and some of my friends are meeting me there so they can check it out.

Update on Penn & Teller

DH went to our local vet and found a microchip on Penn. We called their owners and they were reunited today. Thankfully, they lived in our subdivision, although pretty far into our subdivision. Those little rascals wondered off pretty far. Their owners, were grateful for us taking in their dogs. However, the husband had "mixed emotions" (his exact words) about us finding the dogs. I'm pretty sure if I told him, I wanted them he would of left them at my house on the spot! It sounded like they were more his wife's dogs than his. Hilarious...

NOW BACK TO PACKING...waiting for my cleaning crew - Latin Cleaners and painter Latin Painters to come....

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Penn & Teller

This is what happens when I go out for the afternoon.

I went out with my friend Sara to get some stuff to "stage" my house. As I drive onto our street I see a sign that reads "Found 2 dogs - Call xxx-xxxx" (my DH cell number). Curious? very much so! So I come home and see the garage door closed, so I think I should go in through the front door... Sure enough - DH has created a nice little hotel for the dogs in our garage (which he had just finished THOROUGHLY cleaning. DH took them in and our neighbor gave him some dog food. DH says he was running on "WWMD" - What Would Mavis Do? Seeing that I am a huge dog lover. These dogs are sooo friendly and so sweet. No I am not keeping them. I am off to the nearest vet to see if they have been "microchip'd" and if they can be identified with their rabies tag. I'm hoping so!

DH calls them Penn & Teller, b/c they came out of nowhere and one is bigger than the other. Hilarious!

Aren't they cute?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My New House!

We just put an offer for our new house! As of tonight its 95% ours! Its a preforeclosure, so its pending that the seller's bank approves of our offer. We are going to put our house on the market in about a week, so I will most likely be MIA until we put our house on the market. Our plan is to move out. I hate to clean, and I hate to stay clean and with 2 very very active boys that are impossible to keep up with, so we are moving out while we show our house.

Here is a picture of our new house! Its only about 5 miles away from where we are at now, and more importantly, its 3 miles away from my parents.

Adios for now! I'm off to pack and get ready to move and put my house on the market. A PackRat is coming on Sat. Maybe I'll blog about that.... TTFN

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sugar High Sunday

During the summer, our church has a summer series and they offer Sunday evening service. We bring in special speakers from around the country and its a great time. After the service, they have munchies and stuff out in the courtyard area, and its a fun time to be had by all. The kids loved it!! DH wasn't there tonight, he had to be somewhere for work, so it was me. But thankfully, my parents were there, manning a few of the booths and it was a huge help. I always carry my camera, b/c you just never know when you are going to get a bloggin moment.

But before I go on, I must be vain and prideful and explain why my youngest child looks like a ragamuffin. When I dropped him off in his class he screamed! and I mean he screamed like he was ticked off. He does this when he doesn't get his way, so I half expected to get paged during the service knowing he was going to puke. (remember, Parker likes to puke when he doesn't get his way). Never got called out (they give you a number and they will flash it up if you need to collect your child), so I figure he was fine. OH NO! When I went and picked him up, he was in different clothes, and clothes that were 3x too big! Apparently he cried and puked. fun times. I wasn't mad they didn't call me out and I"m thankful they didn't b/c then that just tells Parker that he can puke and I will come and get him. WHAT A STINKER!

Back to the carnival (that's what Anderson calls it), I didn't think about feeding them dinner, I was just focused on getting them out the door. There was fresh popping popcorn, and they were making sno-cones. My dad was manning the icecream bar booth so he made sure the boys got the "good ones". hilarious! So for dinner they had sno-cones, popcorn, ice cream bars, chips, juice box, and cookies. yummy! There was also a 'bounce-house' and the boys had a blast. Parker wasn't quite sure, but I knew there was no way I was leaving there tonight without letting him in there! That kids jumps everywhere, even at home. Its very cute to watch.

Parenting 101

So every parent dreads it, but you know you will do it at least once in your lifetime - Climb to the top of the play structure at McDonalds (for me it was at ChikFilA). This morning my darling angels decided to wake up at 7am. So we got them dressed super fast and took them to McDonalds for breakfast for breakfast. Mind you are super fast was departure at 8am! Parker refuses to go down the slide at any of these fast food chains. So my DH climbed to the top and put him on his lap and brought him down the slide.

The picture didn't turn out great, but if you look really hard, you can see him with Parker.

Friday, July 18, 2008

"To Infinity & Beyond!"

One of my new "great" ideas to be Mom of the Year, I decided to start a dress-up trunk for my boys. I thought it would so much fun for them! had a great sale on costumes so I bought 3 of them. Anderson had so much fun, but Parker wasn't so much into it. The idea was great to him, but then when we actually had it on him, he was throwing a fit!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"I love my Lips"

In the wise words of Larry the Cucumber, of Veggie Tales fame, "I LOVE MY LIPS" If you haven't seen the hilarious video of Larry singing about how much he loves his lips, I've embedded the video for you from youtube.

All this to say...

Anderson really loves his lips too! The other day he comes downstairs from 'quiet time' and he has blue ink all over his lips! I asked him if he was playing with his ink pad and he admitted to it, so we washed it off. Later that evening I'm putting him to bed and he says to me, "LOOK MOM!" and points to the wall, oh yes, there are lip prints on the wall! What could I do at this point? All I could say was "next time, only Mommy and Daddy can put stuff on the wall. Thankfully, Anderson is very 'black and white' and that if he is told that Mom and Dad are the only ones allowed to do this, than thats that. So far he is like that anyway.... Here are some pictures of the lips... I took the pics while he wasn't around, didn't want him to think we thought it was cool enough to take a picture of.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ryann and Rocks

Those are 2 of Parker's favorite things. He loves Ryann! Ryann was one of the first names he could say so clearly! Today we went to the mall with Ryann and her mom and Parker would follow Ryann wherever she would go. If he couldn't see her, he would scream her name out! It was soooo cute!

This was taken after church this past Sunday and you can see Parker holding onto Ryann's hand and in his other hand is a rock. If there is a rock in site, it ends up in the car or in the house. Presently, I have a rock on the floor of my room thanks to Parker. It came home with us from the lake yesterday.

This is a picture that were taken later in the day. Anderson asked me to take his picture with Parker b/c they looked so cute! I think so too!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Durham Bulls Game

Our local minor league baseball team, Durham Bulls (b/c they taped the movie Bull Durham there), is a great family event to go to. This was the boys first time going. Anderson absolutely loved it! He had a great time. Parker, well he enjoyed running around the place. And he really liked Wool E. Bull, the mascot. We got there after the game had already started, so we had to sit in lawn seating. Its a section of grass out in the outfield, perfect for our kids. Anderson was really bummed that we had to leave during the 7th inning, but it was past 9pm by then and we were out on the boat all day.
(Anderson wouldn't cooperate for a picture)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sight for Sore Eyes!

Its a sad day! DH put the boat "The GATOR" up for sale last week and we got a buyer today! We are getting ready to meet him to sign the papers. What a sad day. I'm so sad! :(

With gas at $4.09 today, I can understand why we are selling it. When we tow it, it costs more money for the SUV too. Some days we talk about getting another one, but other days DH doesn't want another one for a few more years. There is talk about flooding the lake we go to, they are adding another nuclear reactor in a few years, so there is a need to make the lake bigger.

Sigh.... I will miss the good times on "THE GATOR"

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Parker and my shoes! :)

Parker loves to wear my shoes...When he gets them on, he gets all proud of himself and walks around the house all excited and happy! What a funny little guy. And these shoes are tough to wear, even for me! They are 2 inch heels! And they even match his outfit! DH says to lose these photos - forever!
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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Seriously! What was I thinking?

My brother is THE BEST wakeboarder I know. I truly trust him on the wakeboard. So I blindly decided to let him jump over me while sitting on the tube. What I didn't count on, was the speed factor. When I ride on the tube with the boys, the boat is going about 13mph. When you pull a wakeboarder the boat is going about 23mph. Big difference, and the fat sacks are full and the wake plate is down. So here I am behind the tube and there is a HUGE wake (duh, since our boat is built for wakeboarders) and we are going so fast. I think I got an enema while on the tube. (Anderson did ask me what that was, and I had to explain it to him, forgot about little ears). Here are some pics of Jonathan jumping over me....

to see more, check out my flickr site....

Friday, July 4, 2008

Harry Potter Neighborhood?

I love Harry Potter and all things Harry Potter.

There is a neighborhood in a town nearby that has all their streets named after something to do with Harry Potter. Its a neighborhood that is being built and there aren't that many houses up, so right now there are only 4 streets. Rach and I drove through it today and took pics of the names of the streets. We had a good time thinking of some street names that we would like to live on. I think I would like to live on Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. Or maybe McGonagall??

Here is a picture of my brother in front of Gryffindor lane.

What if you were way anti-Harry Potter and you moved into this neighborhood and didn't know? Because why would you? If you didn't read the books you wouldn't know that consuming "GILLYWEED" lets you breathe underwater so that it lets you get one step closer to winning the Triwizard Tournament. What would you do? I for one, would move into this neighborhood b/c of the street names! Alas, DH says no!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Birthday Party #2 and #3

I just realized I didn't post Parker's Birthday Party #2 or are some quick pictures from the event.

Birthday Party #2 was a family one where we did presents.

We did yummy cupcakes from Whole Foods (delish). Of course, Daddy had to smash his face into the cupcakes. It was pretty funny b/c Parker would wait and look at him to see when he was going to smash his face into it. It was pretty funny. My cousin bought him a pair of Michigan crocs and he wears them all day long, even if we are inside.

Here is the cake I made for Parker's Birthday Party #3. It was with friends and no presents. We ask for no presents, mainly b/c our kids already have a lot of stuff. And its fun just to come and hang. We had about 25 people over. It was a good time.

Here is the cake in progress...

The party was a good time, lots of kids running around my house! in and out...mass chaos, but its a good time.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hilarious Photo Session

Today Jon & Rach and I brought all the kids to Portrait Innovations for a photo session. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. We literally had the photographer laughing so hard he had tears. He wasn't laughing b/c our kids were funny, he was laughing b/c our kids were out of control! As you can see from these photos, our children were anything but angelic! We couldn't stop laughing! And then when we looked at the photos, we were all crying b/c the kids were just so pathetic. I know it doesn't seem as funny to you , but we thought it was crazy hysterical!