Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Birthday Party #2 and #3

I just realized I didn't post Parker's Birthday Party #2 or are some quick pictures from the event.

Birthday Party #2 was a family one where we did presents.

We did yummy cupcakes from Whole Foods (delish). Of course, Daddy had to smash his face into the cupcakes. It was pretty funny b/c Parker would wait and look at him to see when he was going to smash his face into it. It was pretty funny. My cousin bought him a pair of Michigan crocs and he wears them all day long, even if we are inside.

Here is the cake I made for Parker's Birthday Party #3. It was with friends and no presents. We ask for no presents, mainly b/c our kids already have a lot of stuff. And its fun just to come and hang. We had about 25 people over. It was a good time.

Here is the cake in progress...

The party was a good time, lots of kids running around my house! in and out...mass chaos, but its a good time.


~stevesgurl~ said...

Great job on the cake! I am going to attempt a Diego cake for Josiah next week! We will see how it goes! :)

Hope you are doing well. Come visit soon. The pool feels great! Judi and I hung out in it for a while yesterday. :)

Anonymous said...

are you freakin' kidding me?! that is both disgusting and amazing that you made that cake!! wow!
btw, i love the "no presents" thing... so true about too much stuff!