Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Getting Ready!

One of the things I did to "stage" my home and get it ready for showings was to de-clutter my house. What a task! Here are some pictures of my kitchen as we were de-cluttering.
this was only the beginning! That PackRat was 1/2 full with all my declutters! Remind me if I ever want to do it again. I told my DH that if anything doesn't work out with our new house, it doesn't matter, we are moving! I don't care if we live in an apt for a bit, it would be worth it!

My house is the coolest and cleanest it has ever been. It looks like a model home. Who really lives like this? Apparently, a lot of people do, just not the Davis'. I'll have to post pictures of what my house looks like right now!

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