Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"I love my Lips"

In the wise words of Larry the Cucumber, of Veggie Tales fame, "I LOVE MY LIPS" If you haven't seen the hilarious video of Larry singing about how much he loves his lips, I've embedded the video for you from youtube.

All this to say...

Anderson really loves his lips too! The other day he comes downstairs from 'quiet time' and he has blue ink all over his lips! I asked him if he was playing with his ink pad and he admitted to it, so we washed it off. Later that evening I'm putting him to bed and he says to me, "LOOK MOM!" and points to the wall, oh yes, there are lip prints on the wall! What could I do at this point? All I could say was "next time, only Mommy and Daddy can put stuff on the wall. Thankfully, Anderson is very 'black and white' and that if he is told that Mom and Dad are the only ones allowed to do this, than thats that. So far he is like that anyway.... Here are some pictures of the lips... I took the pics while he wasn't around, didn't want him to think we thought it was cool enough to take a picture of.

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