Monday, July 21, 2008

Parenting 101

So every parent dreads it, but you know you will do it at least once in your lifetime - Climb to the top of the play structure at McDonalds (for me it was at ChikFilA). This morning my darling angels decided to wake up at 7am. So we got them dressed super fast and took them to McDonalds for breakfast for breakfast. Mind you are super fast was departure at 8am! Parker refuses to go down the slide at any of these fast food chains. So my DH climbed to the top and put him on his lap and brought him down the slide.

The picture didn't turn out great, but if you look really hard, you can see him with Parker.

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Anonymous said...

ahh... my climb to the top was in a Burger King on our first diaperless outing with Trey when he was potty training. Of course he climbed to the top, pooped his pants, and then refused to come down... so yep, I had to climb up to get him. The joys of parenting!!