Sunday, July 27, 2008

Penn & Teller

This is what happens when I go out for the afternoon.

I went out with my friend Sara to get some stuff to "stage" my house. As I drive onto our street I see a sign that reads "Found 2 dogs - Call xxx-xxxx" (my DH cell number). Curious? very much so! So I come home and see the garage door closed, so I think I should go in through the front door... Sure enough - DH has created a nice little hotel for the dogs in our garage (which he had just finished THOROUGHLY cleaning. DH took them in and our neighbor gave him some dog food. DH says he was running on "WWMD" - What Would Mavis Do? Seeing that I am a huge dog lover. These dogs are sooo friendly and so sweet. No I am not keeping them. I am off to the nearest vet to see if they have been "microchip'd" and if they can be identified with their rabies tag. I'm hoping so!

DH calls them Penn & Teller, b/c they came out of nowhere and one is bigger than the other. Hilarious!

Aren't they cute?

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