Monday, July 14, 2008

Ryann and Rocks

Those are 2 of Parker's favorite things. He loves Ryann! Ryann was one of the first names he could say so clearly! Today we went to the mall with Ryann and her mom and Parker would follow Ryann wherever she would go. If he couldn't see her, he would scream her name out! It was soooo cute!

This was taken after church this past Sunday and you can see Parker holding onto Ryann's hand and in his other hand is a rock. If there is a rock in site, it ends up in the car or in the house. Presently, I have a rock on the floor of my room thanks to Parker. It came home with us from the lake yesterday.

This is a picture that were taken later in the day. Anderson asked me to take his picture with Parker b/c they looked so cute! I think so too!

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