Friday, July 11, 2008

Sight for Sore Eyes!

Its a sad day! DH put the boat "The GATOR" up for sale last week and we got a buyer today! We are getting ready to meet him to sign the papers. What a sad day. I'm so sad! :(

With gas at $4.09 today, I can understand why we are selling it. When we tow it, it costs more money for the SUV too. Some days we talk about getting another one, but other days DH doesn't want another one for a few more years. There is talk about flooding the lake we go to, they are adding another nuclear reactor in a few years, so there is a need to make the lake bigger.

Sigh.... I will miss the good times on "THE GATOR"


Anonymous said...

yeah, but mavis, you can't serve god and save the planet with that boat!!
not funny? sorry...
i bet jeff would think it was funny! ;)

okay... i won't pick on you considering i actually cried real tears when we sold our jeep wrangler! growing up sucks!

Naomi said...

i thought your boat was red. what's wrong with me?