Monday, July 21, 2008

Sugar High Sunday

During the summer, our church has a summer series and they offer Sunday evening service. We bring in special speakers from around the country and its a great time. After the service, they have munchies and stuff out in the courtyard area, and its a fun time to be had by all. The kids loved it!! DH wasn't there tonight, he had to be somewhere for work, so it was me. But thankfully, my parents were there, manning a few of the booths and it was a huge help. I always carry my camera, b/c you just never know when you are going to get a bloggin moment.

But before I go on, I must be vain and prideful and explain why my youngest child looks like a ragamuffin. When I dropped him off in his class he screamed! and I mean he screamed like he was ticked off. He does this when he doesn't get his way, so I half expected to get paged during the service knowing he was going to puke. (remember, Parker likes to puke when he doesn't get his way). Never got called out (they give you a number and they will flash it up if you need to collect your child), so I figure he was fine. OH NO! When I went and picked him up, he was in different clothes, and clothes that were 3x too big! Apparently he cried and puked. fun times. I wasn't mad they didn't call me out and I"m thankful they didn't b/c then that just tells Parker that he can puke and I will come and get him. WHAT A STINKER!

Back to the carnival (that's what Anderson calls it), I didn't think about feeding them dinner, I was just focused on getting them out the door. There was fresh popping popcorn, and they were making sno-cones. My dad was manning the icecream bar booth so he made sure the boys got the "good ones". hilarious! So for dinner they had sno-cones, popcorn, ice cream bars, chips, juice box, and cookies. yummy! There was also a 'bounce-house' and the boys had a blast. Parker wasn't quite sure, but I knew there was no way I was leaving there tonight without letting him in there! That kids jumps everywhere, even at home. Its very cute to watch.

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