Monday, July 28, 2008


First off, I will say, "why do people move???" my life has been a whirlwind of confusion, disaster, boxes and packing material for 4 days! (and I had some lost dogs in my garage for about 17 hours - see below post) craziness! thankfully, we are all set. my house is almost ready to be put on the market on Wed or Thursday, we will see. There are these fabulous cleaners here at my house all day today (til like 6pm) and painters too! They are very inexpensive so that is even more thrilling. They are cleaning today what would take me 2 weeks to do. Its awesome! I love it.

here is a picture of the "PACKRAT" we have. You can't fit one more of anything in that box. It is being picked up tomorrow and brought to a storage facility.

So I get to take a break today, I'm sitting on my porch swing while they clean (the chemicals are very strong!). In a little bit, I'm off to meet the inspector and my realtor at our new home. Yea! and some of my friends are meeting me there so they can check it out.


James E. Robinson, III said...

Can you share the name/contact info for the cleaning crew?

Mom Mavis said...

email me and i'll get you the info! i can't find your email on the class list and when you send out prayer requests its never from your email account...mysterious!