Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pool Sliders!

Really you may be saying? Pool and mini golf at Disney? I know, but we are staying at a resort with the nicest pool on Disney property - Beach Club. (and being here for 2 weeks we figure we have plenty of time to hit the parks)

There are several pools, all with sand bottoms (which I hate! yuck, sand). There is also this great slide that goes really fast down a tube and then it goes very fast around these curves that throw you very fast, I HATE IT! However, Anderson loves it. So I keep going down it with him. Near the big slide there is a small slide and Parker loves it. The first 4 times we couldn't figure why he would keep screaming and yelling and crying and then saying "AGAIN! AGAIN!" Finally realized that it was because he wanted me to go down the small slide first. After that, we couldn't get him to stop! He loved it. You can see in this picture that he is going down the slide making a funny face... he knew the camera was there.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Thanks to my techno savvy DH, we read online that Michael Phelps would be at the Magic Kingdom. He was to appear at the parade at 10:30. It was 8 am when we heard this and we were all still in jammies. But we were out the door in 10 min and on the bus. So we got there in time for 'rope drop' (for all you who don't know that is when the park opens and you are there for the grand opening of the day) and staked out our place on the parade route! Look for us on the news. The boys are wearing a bright red shirt and white (not very exciting but hey). There were camera crews everywhere. We entered the park at 9am and ate some breakfast at our parade seat and waited. And waited and waited. FINALLY at 10:30 out came the music (which Parker HATED! AND CLINGED FOR DEAR LIFE) and there was a marching band and Michael Phelps sitting in a convertible with Mickey.
Lots of confettie and music and some characters and then it was over. Was that it? Did I just sit on the curb for 90 minutes to see Michael Phelps for 2 seconds???? Oh well, it was cool.

After that, we got on the monorail to Epcot and I was chatting with several locals who came out during their lunch break to see him. Cool.
THANKS KEILA for letting me know last night that Michael Phelps was going to be here!

Other points from the day:

DH went back to the resort to take some work calls so me and the boys ventured to Epcot for some rides. Our resort is connected to Epcot so it made it easy not to have to mess with the stroller. BUT IT IS HOT! Did I mention it IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought the kids ice cream and I didn't care it was $2.50 a piece, we were hot! I am dripping.... But Parker had a blast. He loved all the rides.

Now we are back for naps and a rest....we'll see what the rest of the day brings us....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

1 Stop Disney

We made it to Disney with 1 stop. My boys were made for road trippin! They are the best!

My fellow blogger, Keila, told me that Michael Phelps is supposed to be here tomorrow. Don't know which park, but I'll be on the lookout for him. If you here of an "incident" of some random asian tackling him, you will know it was me! :) Anderson thinks he is the best! More so, he is all about his swimming cap...funny

I took some pics last night (early this morning) and the boys were wired! it took them a while to get back to sleep at 3:30 am. They were troopsers.

Just ate dinner in Morocco, excellent food with some interesting entertainment - belly dancer...hhhhmm very un-disney like. sorry no pics

Monday, August 25, 2008


We decided to back out of our contract. We are sad about our former "new house". After having our inspection done and getting an estimate from the HV/AC guy the approximate cost for repairs was about $30,000 - um NO THANK YOU! It wasn't that we were going to have to pay for all of it all at once but it would of been at least within the year. I felt like it was waiting for "the other shoe to drop". After much prayer we didn't feel that this would of been a good idea. I LOVED LOVED that house, but we are still looking and our house is still up on the market. Although its not moving. We've only had 4 showings in over a month! Bummer!

Good news is, I"m off to Disney and will re-evaluate the situation when I return!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to the Mouse House

So we are headed to Disney in 7 days! yes, we are headed early! Can't wait. It will be a good time! DH found a last minute deal at the Beach Club on property so we will be there with all the crowds on labor day weekend, and then we need to find somewhere to stay for a few days before we check in on the 4th for our "regularly scheduled" trip that we have starting on the 4th for 10 days. woohoo! can't wait. I wonder if I'll be sick of Disney? NO WAY!

Monday, August 18, 2008


My brother and his family left early (4:30am) this morning for the airport to head back to China. They will be there for another year, before we see them (and more importantly, Samantha). Unless, of course I can convince DH to take a trip out there.

They will be going to several Olympic events while they are in Beijing for the next week before heading off to Siping (their home city). I am quite jealous, but I have an ample supply of official Olympic gear from Beijing. Its not the same, but it will have to do.

Here is a picture of their tickets. They are off to handball, gold medal games for beach volleyball, some track and field events, and closing ceremonies.

Friday, August 15, 2008

My Day in Court

Back in February, I witnessed the worst road rage I have ever seen in my life. I saw a young dude cut off another guy and then the youngester (who turns out to be 20) stop his car, get out and punch out the window of the driver behind him and proceed to keep punching the driver in the face . It was the driver's birthday too. I pulled over, and called 911. In doing this I became a witness and have been subpoened 3x. The previous 2x I wasn't able to make the court date due to other circumstances. It ended up that they kept re-scheduling the court date. Thanks to my great "gal pals" Kendra and Rachel (Rachel my sis in law) came downtown with me and sat in court with me for 2.5 hours! Kendra found it very exciting.

The worst part was when I was waiting for court to start, I was outside the courtroom speaking to a police officer about what 'proper procedure' is, and around the corner comes 5 prisoners in orange striped outside all chained together. The sheriff said to me: "you might want to move"...freaky! One of these prisoner was in the courtroom and as he walked out he said to all of us "see you all on the outside"

In the end my dude on trial was sentenced to 45 days in jail and asked to pay back the victim the price of the new windshield and his hospital charges. If he continues with his anger management therapy, he does not have to serve his time in jail.

So Kendra, Rachel, and I are the BIGGEST TALKERS! Outside of the courtroom are all these signs that say "no talking" "tuck in your shirt" "turn off your cell phones". I couldn't stop laughing! It was hard for us, we were passing notes like 12 year olds.

After our time in court was over, the girls and I decided to go out for a celebratory snack. We went to the "cupcake shoppe" for some yummy treats.

Durham Bulls

We headed out to the Bulls Game with my brother, Rach, Kendra (our friend from MA who is in town visiting) and Tim & Heather. We had a great time! And it was $1 night there - $1 hotdogs/popcorn/fries. Can't get better than that! What a feast of gluttony! And it was Carolina Hurricanes night. One of the players threw out the first ball (and almost took out a little girl who was going to play the violin for the national anthem) and Stormie was there. Stormie is the mascot for the Hurricanes. Jonathan and I couldn't resist getting our picture taken with him, but Anderson wouldn't have anything to do with it. He was quite against the idea. Stormie is awesome!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Washable Paint??? HA!!!

One of Parker's favorite thing to do is to "dump" anything and everything! This morning he decided to dump a container paint from Crayola. Well, my dad quickly got the carpet cleaner out and tried to rescue the carpet. well, he has been cleaning for about 15minutes and its still there!
This reminds me of the time when Anderson decided to "test" out sharpie markers on my dining (hardwood) floors. I had to preserve the memory... 12/11/2006

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Big Moments for Big Boys!

Now that our house is for sale, and looking so perfect, we have put the 'elf bed' (as our friend Tim calls it) away. Parker is now sleeping in his big boy bed, the Boat Bed! He looks so cute sleeping in it. So little and so cute.

Anderson is sleeping in his own bed, but without his bedrails. So far, he hasn't fallen out. We are trying to train him and we are being cheap b/c we don't want to buy $40 in bed rails. So far so good!

Friday, August 8, 2008

"No Place Like Home"

After almost 2 weeks, I'm back sleeping in my own bed! aaahhh, sweet relief. The boys are all tucked in their bed too. I think I heard a sigh of relief as well from them.

We spent the evening celebrating my mom's birthday. Went out to Bonefish Grill, her favorite restaurant, and my boys were miraculously little angels. I couldn't believe it! Even the nice older couple sitting next to us, commented to us as they were leaving how well behaved they were! I think that was a first! wow!

We came back to our house and watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. Anderson was soo excited to see this! He changed into his jammies in 10 secs flat and was so proud of himself. We watched the entire first half of the program. He kept saying "wowie pazowie!" My parents, DH and I were in awe of the entire artistic presentation. It was fun to watch it with my parents too and getting their perspective. I thought it was very very cool to see the excitement on Anderson's face and to hear his comments on it. I love the Olympics. Anderson is more excited to see the FUWAs (the olympic mascots) on TV. They have yet to be sighted... We do the love the FUWAs here! I have shirts, magnets, mugs, sticky notes, stickers, tatoos (temporary). My brother is even a bigger fan (seeing as he lives in China). We got all our FUWA paraphernalia from China (most when I was there last year and the rest from my brother.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


The boys love to talk to their friend Ryann on the phone. Here are some cute pictures of the boys talking to Ryann on the phone. I love how Parker holds the phone. Its soo cute, Anderson did it the same way at this age.