Thursday, August 28, 2008

1 Stop Disney

We made it to Disney with 1 stop. My boys were made for road trippin! They are the best!

My fellow blogger, Keila, told me that Michael Phelps is supposed to be here tomorrow. Don't know which park, but I'll be on the lookout for him. If you here of an "incident" of some random asian tackling him, you will know it was me! :) Anderson thinks he is the best! More so, he is all about his swimming cap...funny

I took some pics last night (early this morning) and the boys were wired! it took them a while to get back to sleep at 3:30 am. They were troopsers.

Just ate dinner in Morocco, excellent food with some interesting entertainment - belly dancer...hhhhmm very un-disney like. sorry no pics

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Anonymous said...

DANG IT!!!! i forgot to mail anderson the swim cap- i found one! remind me to get it to you!!

please, please, PLEASE find Michael... it's all i ask of you!