Friday, August 29, 2008


Thanks to my techno savvy DH, we read online that Michael Phelps would be at the Magic Kingdom. He was to appear at the parade at 10:30. It was 8 am when we heard this and we were all still in jammies. But we were out the door in 10 min and on the bus. So we got there in time for 'rope drop' (for all you who don't know that is when the park opens and you are there for the grand opening of the day) and staked out our place on the parade route! Look for us on the news. The boys are wearing a bright red shirt and white (not very exciting but hey). There were camera crews everywhere. We entered the park at 9am and ate some breakfast at our parade seat and waited. And waited and waited. FINALLY at 10:30 out came the music (which Parker HATED! AND CLINGED FOR DEAR LIFE) and there was a marching band and Michael Phelps sitting in a convertible with Mickey.
Lots of confettie and music and some characters and then it was over. Was that it? Did I just sit on the curb for 90 minutes to see Michael Phelps for 2 seconds???? Oh well, it was cool.

After that, we got on the monorail to Epcot and I was chatting with several locals who came out during their lunch break to see him. Cool.
THANKS KEILA for letting me know last night that Michael Phelps was going to be here!

Other points from the day:

DH went back to the resort to take some work calls so me and the boys ventured to Epcot for some rides. Our resort is connected to Epcot so it made it easy not to have to mess with the stroller. BUT IT IS HOT! Did I mention it IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought the kids ice cream and I didn't care it was $2.50 a piece, we were hot! I am dripping.... But Parker had a blast. He loved all the rides.

Now we are back for naps and a rest....we'll see what the rest of the day brings us....


Anonymous said...

why, you're welcome!

i hope it was worth it!!

Anonymous said...

mav... when michael was interviewed by, he said that one of the weird parts of the parade was when a girl held up a sign. it read:
"hi michael" on one side... and then she flipped it and it said:
"call me... ###-####"...
i'm so embarrassed for you... i can't believe jeff let you do that.

Mom Mavis said...

I'm so embarresed! I was hoping it wouldn't get told all over the world!!!!! :) But in reality it had YOUR phone number on it!!!! :)