Friday, August 15, 2008

My Day in Court

Back in February, I witnessed the worst road rage I have ever seen in my life. I saw a young dude cut off another guy and then the youngester (who turns out to be 20) stop his car, get out and punch out the window of the driver behind him and proceed to keep punching the driver in the face . It was the driver's birthday too. I pulled over, and called 911. In doing this I became a witness and have been subpoened 3x. The previous 2x I wasn't able to make the court date due to other circumstances. It ended up that they kept re-scheduling the court date. Thanks to my great "gal pals" Kendra and Rachel (Rachel my sis in law) came downtown with me and sat in court with me for 2.5 hours! Kendra found it very exciting.

The worst part was when I was waiting for court to start, I was outside the courtroom speaking to a police officer about what 'proper procedure' is, and around the corner comes 5 prisoners in orange striped outside all chained together. The sheriff said to me: "you might want to move"...freaky! One of these prisoner was in the courtroom and as he walked out he said to all of us "see you all on the outside"

In the end my dude on trial was sentenced to 45 days in jail and asked to pay back the victim the price of the new windshield and his hospital charges. If he continues with his anger management therapy, he does not have to serve his time in jail.

So Kendra, Rachel, and I are the BIGGEST TALKERS! Outside of the courtroom are all these signs that say "no talking" "tuck in your shirt" "turn off your cell phones". I couldn't stop laughing! It was hard for us, we were passing notes like 12 year olds.

After our time in court was over, the girls and I decided to go out for a celebratory snack. We went to the "cupcake shoppe" for some yummy treats.


Jenna said...

I forgot everything else you wrote in the post once I saw the cupcake!!! I NEED a cupcake place near ME!!!! Why do you have all the good food places near YOU??? Grrr.....

(I'm experiencing my-house-is-in-utter-chaos stress and need some sugar!!!) :)

Ashleigh said...

Mavis, You are so funny!

Did you get to see the prisoner "on the outside?" ;)

Where is this cupcake place? Looks yummy!